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byAntestor, January 15, 2014
I really like this tool!

Just a few examples:
1. Every user has a different name for a product. One uses lower case, the next one uppercase, and a third one just has typing errors.
With this tool I fetch all the different names and correct them to ONE, the original product name.

2. On some products there is a special discount, or users complain they do not understand what the product is for. With this tool, I just substitute
"product name" with
"product name (GET 10% off only this week)"


"product name (A powerful tool to make your life easier!)"

I am sure you find so much more ways to use it! It offers a lot of possibilities!
byAntestor, January 15, 2014
DB Replacer
After moving to another server I had a lot of broken links in my articles. All linked to one article that did not exist anymore. Fixing them one by one would have taken hours! With this tool I could fix them in a minute. I also decided to buy the PRO version! With that you can use WHERE statements. I used it to change the broken links only in ONE language.

The tool is really powerful and easy to use!
byAntestor, January 15, 2014
This sliders just work. Unlike other extensions, you can put everything in the slider title, including complex html. That gives you total control and the ability to do everything what you want! The customization via CSS is also very simple and of course nonumber offers the fast and reliable support like you know it. I bought the pro version and it did not disappoint me!
byAntestor, December 11, 2013
I am using DocMan since Joomla 1.5 and must say: I won't miss it! Whenever it comes to a large amount of documents and files, Docman is my first choice! The easy setup of Categories, documents and permissions offers an easy workflow, even on professional and commercial websites.

The DocMan 2.0 UI is even more user friendly. I enjoy the batch assignment of many files into one category, it is so much easier than in the old DocMan!

The support of the developers is also worth mentioning. I use DocMan 2.0, which is in state of RC right now (Dec 2013). Though it is really much better than DocMan 1.x, some features are still missing. The staff really took care of my issues and fixed them within 24 hours. This is what I call a support!!

I also managed to upgrade my DocMan content from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3.x with their great migration tools.

If you handle with a lot of documents, buying a subscription will save you time and nerves ;).
byAntestor, December 6, 2013
JE Poll
I installed and set up this extension. Installation was not a problem on Joomla 3! The setup of the polls was quite easy, but the output looks very rough by default. There are no skins or themes. Also I remember some of the output text did not come as language string so on a multilingual site with multilingual polls you need a lot of overrides to get it work properly.

The support of the developer was very quick and nice though! I hope they keep going improving this extension!
byAntestor, December 6, 2013
I use this editor in all of my Joomla! webs. It is intuitive and easy to configure.

I also enjoy the setup of different profiles. So you can have different buttons for unregistered front-end users. The commercial plug ins are also worth buying! The image manager is really powerful! Most of my customers are Joomla rookies, but with JCE even they have the ability to crop or resize images.
byAntestor, December 6, 2013
I really like the media box in combination with the JCE Editor.

It gives rookies a good chance to create popup thumbnails or even articles within a lightbix!
byAntestor, November 6, 2013
RSform Pro
Is used this extension on so many sites and never got disappointed.

It is very fast and dummyproof for simple forms, but also powerful for complex forms! I did multipage-forms and also forms with Javascript- or PHP-actions! The ability to include JS and PHP makes RSform Pro so powerful!

I also enjoy the backup-restore, that saved me a lot of time when migrating sites from J1.5 to 2.5 or 3.1!

For me, this is a "must-have" extension on every fresh Joomla!
byAntestor, November 5, 2013
Sexy Polling
I was looking for a poll component for Joomla 3! First, the price for the pro version made me sceptic and I tried two or three cheaper components, that just did not offer good usability and styling options!

Since time is money, I finally bought it and the features are amazing and intuitive!

The only improvement I could suggest is the ability to disable the advanced statistic view in the poll results, but it is possible to just hide it via CSS...

In closing: If you are a professional web designer and time is money for you, choose this component!
byAntestor, November 5, 2013
File Listing for DOCman
This plugin really extends DocMan and offers completely new features!

For example companies may want to offer downloads not just in a download-pool, but next to the product. With this extension you can show Docman categories inside articles, modules and so on.

It also offers a lot of customization so you can show all details you want!

This is an amazing enhancement for DocMan and the support is really fast and helpful!
Advanced Module Manager
Advanced module manager is the first extension I install on a fresh Joomla. It gives you fully control over modules and annihilates the limitations of the Joomla core module manager!

Even in the free version you can adjust a lot of parameters, I often have to display modules depending on a current URL. Advanced Module Manager even offers a regex parameter for this! It is really excellent! Five stars!
byAntestor, November 5, 2013
Maxi Menu CK
A good and unique menu can be the key emotional selling proposition of a website!

I like Maximenu because it annihilates the limitations of a menu:

You can have images for a menu item, descriptions for a menu item, you can even have no menu related stuff like a module in your menu.

When you look for an opportunity to make your website unique, choose maximenuCK!
byAntestor, November 4, 2013
I am a professional webdesigner/developer, maintaining a lot of Joomla sites!

Whenever it comes to unique, individual request, I choose sobi. My first project was a big directory of nursing homes in Germany and Sobi did not disappoint me!

It took me a few hours to understand how the fields and modules were working, but once you understood, you are able to do EVERY kind of directory you can think of. I now use it for an event listing!

Prior to other extensions, Sobi offers a lot of extras like contact forms, image resizing, qr-code generating, google map, geocode, a very smart csv import/export and so much more!

It is worth its price and they also offer a very fast and mindful support forum!