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byAradise, January 16, 2013
I originally bought this over a year ago then kept coming back to it. The functionality and ability to adapt to most templates is really cool. However, it's young and still buggy, like a BMW 1.0 kind of thing. Serious time has gone into this component but it seems a little rushed to market. It's not IE 7 or 8 friendly, it doesn't always play well with RocketTheme templates and CSS fixes are occasionally required. Support is about what one would expect, 24 hour turn-around but closed on weekends and holidays. I'll definitely check back but the delays in deploying this are just too much for me. I'll settle for a less attractive but more dependable alternative for now.

I will add, if your needs aren't complicated or you can easily tweak and hack this yourself, I'd recommend it!

I'll be back in time to see if things have progressed. For now, I'm looking elsewhere.

I'm really hopeful that they'll nail this thing down, it's got great potential.