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byAroab38, March 10, 2012
I have used Virtuemart since version 1.1 and have built many shops with this. It used to be a great extension, despite the horrible support.

However, since Joomla started releasing new versions every 6 months, Virtuemart can't keep up development. It took them many months to just be joomla 1.7 ready, but by then Joomla 2.5 already came out. Once again it has been months and it is still not compatible. As a developer one can't work like this.

As for support... probably the worst ever.

Free will cost you a lot of money, or a lot of time trying to figure this out! Not worth it anymore.
Owner's reply

Hello Milbo here.
Thanks for the flowers, but I cannot agree. Jenkinhill, BanquetTablesPro and others are very helpful. But a lot people are just barefaced. They expect that virtuemart 2 has extensions like vm1, which growed over more than 5 years. They expect that the other users have nothing todo else to help and support. The forum is meant for users who help users. When someone wants support, he must pay of course. Virtuemart is free to use. I do not understand that people thinks there is a duty to give free support for a free product.
Jenkinhill is a very kind person and I am much more rude and direct than him. So when he was rude to you, there is a reason.