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byArucardX, August 3, 2012
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As mention before, this plugin does template overwriting, but if you follow the simple instructions it doesn't really break anything as you can just add the modified block of code into your template file.

But should something break, don't worry. On my site, I encountered a problem where the images doesn't display, but Andrey debugged for me after I contacted him and he added modifications to my template to resolve the jQuery conflict. He even surprise me with a customized plugin to install when I only asked if it was possible to get the plugin to do this and that.

Having bought and used both Sig Pro and this plugin. This is far superior imo, compared to Sig Pro who just tell me it can't be done or reply with broken code. (Referring to how they tell ppl there's no navigation in Galleria Style's lightbox pop up because you can click on the thumbnail and you're suppose to live with that. Seriously?)

Now I can happily dump Sig Pro aside and use this plugin as my image gallery all thanks to Andrey. Not to mention, it's responsive as well =)
byArucardX, August 3, 2012
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As some have said before, the module's interface and a lack of documentation can stump you for awhile or longer. But once you grasp the module, you will realize how extensive it is and thus the interface.

Also, Andrey happily welcomes you to contact him if you encounter any issue. But unlike most developers I know thus far who just tells you it can't be done with their plugin/module, Andrey doesn't just stop at what his plugin/module can do. He attempts to understand my needs and how I wanted the plugin/module to function, then before you know it, he happily customizes his plugin to support my peculiar needs and implemented it for me in the backend, constantly following my emails and adjusting his code until everything is perfect.

I've never been so happy with a plugin purchase until now. This is truly the best I ever bought. 5 stars! Oh, I kept saying plugin/module because it comes together =)