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byAsemili, April 21, 2009
EZ Autos
The author of this component cannot be praised enough. I recieved the absolute best experience possible in this industry to get this up and running. I was building an automotive sales site and need something that would let me streamline the entire process. This product seemed to be the only one out there that I thought would even begin to fit the bill, and was stuff so full of high end features I had my doubts at first that it could live up. I looked at the pricing and said, "well what the heck it's well worth the risk". I choose to have the author do the install and config for me, not sure what to expect out of that, but figured it would give me the best shot of getting things going. Well, within 48 hours, I had a completely up and running automotive site. This woman who installed it didn't just hold my hand, she went right in and set the whole thing up and didn't skip a beat. I'm an IT Director for a good sized Services firm, and I expected either weeks of getting nowhere and maybe some pointers in the right direction but she beat every expectation I had.

Bottom line: If you want a rock solid platform to build a revenue stream from automotive classifieds, so long as you've got some kind of basic, right out of the box Joomla! installation, have Raptor do the install and you'll be writing a review just like this.