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byAshiOni, July 19, 2009
Security Images
Ill support an Average rating.

I downloaded and tried for about an hour after reading the directions forward and backwards to get this up and running with no luck. I downloaded the two packages that seem to be required. The com itself and the core hacks package. Then I went through the step by step of turning the captcha on. No luck. (rinse, repeat, no luck)

As for my background I have probably downloaded and installed hundreds of different mods and coms over the years including items like CB and Jomsocial. I can't think of any others that I was unable to get working after it was installed...

This com does seem like it would be a huge asset for any web site so I will make another attempt (and review) when a new release comes out.

Also I would like to suggest keeping the files required to install the system close to each other. Not one on this page and one on the other side of the web site.