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byAspergillus, June 21, 2011
I'm using Joomgallery for many years now. Since it was called PonnygalleryML so since the times of Joomla 1.0.X.
It perfectly meets my needs for a gallery. For me as a hobby coder the biggest plus is the so called interface that makes it very easy to communicate with the gallery from modules or other components.
It is very easy to create Joomgallery modules or joomgallery plugins for other components.
Another great thing about Joomgallery is the team itself. Not many components and even less of the compleatly free components have such a good/responsive support forum.
its allways a pleasure to work with Joomgallery and the Joomgallery team.
byAspergillus, May 18, 2011
Sobi2 was very good allready. SobiPro is like having unlimited simultanious Sobi2 installations. (and more)
You can now have many different content types each with a seperate set of custom fields, each with a seperat set of templates and each with a different set of ACL's.
So no need of cloning Sobi2 anymore.

It's not just a directory component, it's a content construction kit (CCK).
I can not imagine anything that can't be done with SobiPro.
I business directory, an ads platform, a plant or animal database, whatever you can think of. I personally plan to realize a fish database with it. I like SobiPro so much that I decided to start developing some plugins (fields) for it.
I get very good support from the dev too. Its real fun.

The developement goes on quick and new fieldtypes are developped quickly.
SobiPro is one of the most versatile Joomla components ever.