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byAvonTp, October 25, 2011
Smart Slider 2
I've been having a hard time finding any good joomla components lately. And the same goes for sliders, I've been going back and forth between 2 sliders for the past year. Both had major issues.

So I was a little anxious to buy a new component. But this has revived my hope for joomla in general.
It works just perfectly, and most importantly in all browsers. It's cachable. And highly customizable.
And to top it off, support couldn't be any better.
byAvonTp, May 18, 2011
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The more you get to know Flexicontent the better it gets. Everyday I think of new ideas and Flexicontent really makes it possible and quite easy to implement all the things I want to do. A perfect tool for the creative mind.

The forum is great, easy to find solutions and the staff present is very helpfull. Even though they are mostly French people they try their best to respond in English. Which is quite a big deal if you ever met the French in general.

Some things could be better, but that's normal right. It doesn't weigh so heavily cause it's very alive and growing/improving. I tried many other content managers but Flexicontent has stole my designer heart.

Am nearly finished now, with the other content managers I was stuck for weeks and never found any solutions on their forums.
2 thumbs up for this! ViveleFlexicontent!!