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byAzKenReid, January 21, 2010
I installed the free version and used it for several days. A couple problems.

Users and flagged as inactive after a couple minutes of inactivity and there is no option to change this. It may be an option in the paid version, don't know.

No option to change the audible notification.

I left several messages in the support forum and received no reply.

I set my chat room up as 100% private and not published. Out of the blue, some guy from Bolivia starts chatting with me and informs me that the room is published.

I uninstalled for security reasons. It's impossible to know who had what kind of access to my site via this component.
Owner's reply

I apologize that we did not update information here, announcing that we are in a process of beta testing our new web 2.0 chat implementation, that is only reason why you experienced some problems.

1. users flagged as inactive: you are referring to a module (not chat), this was due to a small error in our code, as well as small error in your configuration of the chat. It is working correctly now. Thank you for pointing it out.

2. you can turn on/off audible notifications (changing the sound itself is not yet implemented)

3. you left 1 forum message and sent 1 email to us. Because we are in a process of upgrading our website, forum has been disabled. But, we did responded to your email (twice) with no response yet.

4. joining blastchat network, your rooms are visible to chatters of other websites. We did not activate "access features" yet, i.e. options to disable access, these settings were visible in Config area by a mistake.

5. no one has access to your website over this component, they can only enter your rooms (but on other hand it is completely free with no limits during this period). We would appreciate if you would explore our BlastChat Client code before you post such an accusation.

If you respond to my email, we will be happy to go into details on the chat implementation, as well as help you set it up correctly, tuned to your needs (like we did for thousands webadmins before you)

Peter Saitz