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byAzamkl, September 14, 2014
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It's been a great plugin with a small file in size and yet it does improve my website contact usability. Pretty easy to install and straight forward. If you are looking for something works great out of the box, this is it. I just can't leave it behind each time I create a new Joomla website.
byAzamkl, August 16, 2014
Multiple Locations Google Map
I never thought that such a great plugin, works like charm out of the box comes completely free. The specification that was I looking for contains inside this plugin with a breeze installation and pretty straight forward configuration.
byAzamkl, August 5, 2014
Order Upload Pro for Virtuemart
I'm creating a website which is offering my customer with the availability to select which printing package suits best and then be able to upload/attach their own design together with the printing package I'm offering. I found out that this plug-in does suit best for what I'm trying to achieve.

For those who are looking for the same services as what I'm doing with my website, I highly recommend this plug-in.

A few hickup at the beginning on making it works at first due to some restrain on the template part but the support I received are very supportive and helpful. They managed to sort out my issue with short of period only. Good Job.
Owner's reply

Hi Azamkl,

Thanks for your approval of Order Upload Pro for Virtuemart from CMSmart. This is always one of our best sellers and even included especially for our printing theme. It's good to hear that it work well on your site. We will keep up this good work for more nice extension in the future. See you soon. Thanks a gain.


byAzamkl, March 17, 2014
It is a pleasure to have such excellent module that works like a charm out of the box. Easy installation and serve the purpose of what I've been looking for. Easy customization both back-end and front end. Furthermore, it is a FREE download.
byAzamkl, July 15, 2013
Joo ReCaptcha
I never thought that plugin for Joomla 1.5 still exist and works. but this little plugin does it excellent. Been looking for a plugin like this to stop spam for my Joomla 1.5 and I found out that installing it was a breeze.
byAzamkl, November 9, 2012
I've been searching for the translation tool to be equipped onto Joomla 2.5 quiet some time now. Yes, I've tried the famous extension before but this one prove to be more reliable, easy installation and further more the file size itself were small. I'm happy with the extension and I'm too want to give it the Excellent rating. Keep it up guys!
byAzamkl, December 24, 2009
I must say that Xmap is a small component with a fast installation and easy configuration. It integrate with Joomla 1.5 smoothly without any hickup. The creation of Google sitemap also a breeze as it get. I highly recommended this component for all especially beginners.