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B. Daley

byB. Daley, September 5, 2014
I was looking for something that offered more flexibility than JoomlaThat's Expense Manager. Although Expense Manager is a nice extension, vAccount is by far more versatile, affordable and intuitive.

It comes integrated with charts and statistics to analyze your income to expenses and even allows you to export the data which you can't do with Expense Manager. vAccount even accounts for recurring transactions.

Support was great. I contacted them because there was an issue with the charts not displaying on the backend and they were able to rectify the problem. I also requested a minor modification so that certain fields weren't required.

My only criticism is that I wish that you could choose which fields are required for each entry and account for USD in terms of cents (it automatically rounds cents to the nearest dollar which I wish was also optional instead of standard). Other than that it is perfect for recording your financial data. It also has features that allow you to customize which groups have access to certain financial data and employee salary options.

Nonetheless, it is the best financial calculator that I have ever used on Joomla. Your money will be well spent.
byB. Daley, March 3, 2014
If I was to write a review that encompassed my overall experience with Ohanah it would be a very long review that started off with mixed emotions. Upon installing Ohanah on my site, I was immediately frustrated because ater watching the videos and reading the documentation (In my opinion, the documentation needs some grammar improvements because some parts were confusing.), I could not get Ohanah to look aesthetically pleasing.

Initially I didnt know if this was a problem with Ohanah itself or something I was doing wrong. None of the module suffixes would work out of the box. I immediately contacted them for assistance.

After contacting the Ohanah Support Team, I received a response within 24 hours and soon found out that the problem was with my template which wasn't taking advantage of Joomla's newest features. This was definitely a let down but Bojan was committed to assisting me with getting this extension to work as intended.

He was kind and courteous enough to assist me with styling Ohanah up until a certain point (which was awesome because support doesn't cover styling your site since Ohanah is supposed to adapt to your site). With Bojan's help, some patience, and alot of css customizations, I was able to get Ohanah to have the simple yet feature-rich look that I needed.

Any issues that I encountered, Bojan made sure to get them resolved within 12 - 24 hours. The best part about this event extension is that the support is amazing. There's nothing more important that to have the needed support backing an extension especially when it's not functioning as intended. So despite the rough start and initial frustrations, I have to give them 5/5 for working with me to come up with a resolution.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much. We had some bumps on the road but your site looks amazing now. Thanks for patience and cooperation, it was joy to make Ohanah really shine on your site, despite template issues. It really fits completelly now.

byB. Daley, February 20, 2014
Let me put it like this there are 2 great extensions out there for crowdfunding. There's jGive by Techjoomla, and there's CrowdFunding by ITPrism. I actually subscribed to both of them to see exactly what were the major differences between the 2. Honestly they're both very good at what they do but what won me over was how fast Techjoomla was able to take care of my issue. They also have a nice little tutorial you can watch on youtube that they had with

I am still somewhat new to the Joomla platform and at times when you hit a road block and scouring through forums to try and troubleshoot an isolated issue can become downright tedious and you don't know what to reference for help anymore. At times you just want to ask the developer possible guidance on how to solve your issue. And you want to be sure that you're not just investing in a quality product but the service also matches exemplary product that you're purchasing. This is why Techjoomla now has won me as a happy subscriber.

I had one of the hardest times integrating this extension with a template I purchased from JoomlArt and Amol did not stop until the issue was completely fixed. Granted it took 24 hours to fix between the emails and actually getting it solved, but thats completely understandable since there is a large time gap between my time zone and India lol.

If you are looking for a flexible CrowdFunding extension that looks great, is simple, straightforward, flexible with payments and rewards toppled with outstanding customer service (which is most important to me because Joomla is still in its short term phase), then jGive by Techjoomla is the extension for you. You won't regret investing your money with these guys.

Here are some small caveats for me though. Their website definitely could use some sprucing up and I wish they had a commenting system like StackIdeas Komento, however Amol said that they do plan on integrating it in the very near future so that's a plus.
Owner's reply

Hello @B.Daley

jGive now supports Commenting via our jLike extension ! Integration for even more commenting systems will be added in the coming versions. Also i hope you like our new Website ! We have spruced it up !

byB. Daley, February 17, 2014
Event Gallery
After toiling with several extensions for days and hours I have finally found what I needed. I've used RokGallery, JSN ImageShow, Widgekit, Ozio Gallery (which is still pretty good btw), but this extension is exactly what I was looking for. I needed a gallery extension that would display an entire list of events or categories and not just a single gallery. And allow the user to select from the list of galleries to display photos.

The backend is simple to use and user friendly with video tutorials. After watching the tutorials I decided to upgrade to the subscription to get additional functionality and I am very pleased with my purchase.

I also contacted the developer for possible feature requests mostly pertaining to the commenting system. Mostly because I think integrating the comment system with StackIdeas Komento would be perfect as opposed to having to manage several commenting systems. He replied within an hour and said he'd consider it even though hes not a fan of integrating with other extensions, which is definitely understandable.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out and enjoy!
byB. Daley, January 24, 2014
Remote & Local Image Manager
This extension trumps Joomla's native media manager by far. It allows you to have complete control over files, folders, and other types of media. It's the perfect Media Manager replacement!