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byB0RG, September 6, 2013
Shape 5 Domain Checker
PROS: Does what it claims.

CONS: Does not work properly anymore with so many TLDs out there today. Direly needs updating or removed from the extensions listing.
byB0RG, September 6, 2013
Modules Anywhere
I think the pros are already enough in the reviews given here. It does exactly what is said. I am simply placing a review because it deserves a good rating. So, 5 stars from me. :)
byB0RG, August 29, 2013
My RSS Reader
Pros: Nice extension with the features it has.

Cons: Doesn't install in Joomla 2.5.14.
Owner's reply

Just tested the component under Joomla 2.5.14 and install worked well for me, no problem at all. I suggest to report the error you have into support forum.

byB0RG, August 15, 2013
Article Placed Anywhere
I have zero complains about this module. It does exactly what it is supposed to.

Pros: Works, easy to use and takes only a couple minutes to get an article set up.

CONS: None that I can see other than it would be cool to be able to select multiple articles to be placed.

All in all it works great and good job. Thank you for creating this extensions it's already proven useful in more than one instance. Keep up the good work. :)
byB0RG, June 21, 2013
Photogallery for CB
PROS: Very quick and easy to set up and use. Clean looking.

CONS: A few other features would be nice for management of photos and the gallery.

All in all the extension works well and is decent. Thank you to the developer for submitting and offering this extension free.
byB0RG, May 8, 2013
Network Tools
PROS: Something that has been needed for Joomla! for a very long time and functions pretty good.

CONS: Missing features and a few little fixes here and there would make it even better. ;)
byB0RG, May 8, 2013
JS Jobs
PROS: Very full featured and fantastic jobs extension compatible with Joomla! 2.x-3.x.

CONS: Price on pro version is way steep especially when we can run it on only one domain. Very much a big problem with many Joomla! extensions for Joomla! in these times.
byB0RG, February 3, 2013
Notice Board for Community builder
Well, after trying the first initial release of this extension for Community Builder I came to like it very quickly. I required a feature(s) to be added, the maintainer was very quick to respond and helpful to accommodate my request in the time they said it would be done. Not only is this extension free to us all, but the author is on the ball.

PROS: Works well, is being updated and features are being added to it progressively. Author support - 2 thumbs up.

CONS: It's not complete and I can't beta the next version until it is released! lol

At any rate thank you for this nice extension and I encourage others to try it if you're looking for some sort of 'Wall' or Notice Board for Community Builder.
byB0RG, February 2, 2013
CB Music
PROS: This is a very nice and compact little audio player indeed! It is slender, sleek, doesn't eat up huge page space and has a quick load time.

CONS: the only cons I see really is that there is no percentage bar or readout to indicate how much file upload is left. There is only a little animated box to show this. One other little thing I noticed was the pause button on the side of audio file name titles doesn't actually pause audio files or show a pause / play icon when they are paused, playing or stopped.

All in all though this plugin is pretty nice so don't let any thing here influence you into not using it. It is worthy of use. If the above could be added and perhaps even album covers to go with audio files, that would top this little gem off.

Thank you for your efforts gone into this plugin. It is great to see more non-commercial extensions become available.
byB0RG, February 2, 2013
Profile Completeness for CB
PROS: great idea and useful tool for CB

CONS: very outdated and does not work anymore for later versions of Joomla 2.x and is not being maintained.
byB0RG, February 2, 2013
CB Soundcloud
Although the plugin 'works', it does lack functionality in certain respects that it does not seem to grab published information on SoundCloud anymore. Perhaps they changed some things, but it's just not working properly.

PROS: great idea for sharing your SoundCloud info.

CONS: it doesn't work fully anymore.
Owner's reply

Hello and thank you for your review. As you can see on the demo page, the plugin now loads the HTML5 Soundcloud player. It has the same functionalities as it always had and works the same. If it doesn't work on your side it could be because of a server restriction. To make sure you don't miss anything before leaving a not so positive review, we encourage you to ask in our support forum.

byB0RG, February 1, 2013
ShareMyProfile CB
This is a great little tool for CB that does exactly what it claims. Thank you for this component.

PROS: It works good, has lots of share choices and is one of very few free available extensions for CB here on JED. That alone is a big plus.

CONS: only one (that I have found) is when the modal comes up it doesn't fade the background page and you have to also click twice on the X in the upper right corner to close the modal.
byB0RG, January 25, 2013
This is a fantastic extension, but the only drawback is the end-user is pushed to the news website itself via modal or browser window/tab which is somewhat undesirable for some webmasters. It would be really nice if the feed article links could be clicked and simply have the RSS feed content from those websites displayed directly to the webmaster's web page in an article type of layout or an expandable AJAX link to show the news article in replacement of the read more feature.

This is a good module though none the less. The above improvement options however would make this component exceptional and stand out even more so than it already does from most others.
byB0RG, January 25, 2013
OSE RSS Syndicator™
All in all this is a good extension in how it does what it does, but the way it does things is kind of odd where you have to have articles with feeds. It looks nice and flashy during install and the template for the back-end looks decent, but all in all it lacks features and may not be to everyone's taste. So, I rate this extension average.
byB0RG, January 24, 2013
I love this message system it's fantastic and is great for any Joomla websit.

The only thing that is missing that would be nice to have is integration into the Contacts for Joomla.
YRNO2 Long Term Weather Forecast
I would have rated this extension higher, but there is a problem with weather displaying two days of tomorrow - one for tomorrow and one for tomorrow some days later. For example:

Today, Tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tomorrow, Wednesday, Thursday ...

Also, when setting the primary map location with the exact co-ordinates, the weather doesn't show for that day and only shows tomorrow and beyond weather conditions. If you enter your location into the list it shows Today's weather and then Tomorrow's, but if you don't you only get the weather for Tomorrow and beyond.

Also, when you set a city location it does not allow you to select the state or province thus forcing the use of city and country. I believe this leads to the 'Tomorrow' first in the list display without showing 'Today' first.

If this extension didn't do this it would probably be among the better ones out there, but these things really need to be fixed.
byB0RG, December 28, 2012
This is a superb extension for managing hosting and does exactly what it should. We would have bought it, but the infrastructure we use doesn't use any of the supported panels unfortunately.

We were hoping for Virtualmin support, but apparently we were the only first ones to ask them about support for it. If anyone else is interested in Virtualmin support please contact the developer to show them your interest in Virtualmin support! If we show enough interest they may support it. When they can support it I'll be buying this for sure. ;)
byB0RG, December 11, 2012
JL Weather
The extension is pretty decent, but the one major flaw is that it doesn't support other languages other than the one it does. All in all this seems to be a good module, but it needs other language translations.
byB0RG, April 28, 2012
We have been using this component for a little while now and find it pretty useful. The only thing however that is missing is module and plugin security checking. If this was included this would be one of the best non-commercial security audit tools for Joomla that I have found to date. If this component could do that, I think it would get a lot more attention than it already has too and people will probably donate more as well. It is nice to see more non-commercial security audit tools out there and that you take security seriously. We thank you for your hard work put into this component and future developments. Nice work!

PROS: Very simple to install and check site security status of installed components, there are regular updates, support is great and the developer takes security seriously.

CONS: The only con is this component doesn't scan plugins and modules.

All in all this is a great component and I would especially recommend this to novice webmasters as well as advanced Joomla webmasters. It is simple, effective and to the point.
Owner's reply

Thank you for your review, B0RG!!

I take note of your suggestions for future developments.

byB0RG, December 4, 2011
Phoca Gallery
PROS: The image gallery works fantastic and is really nice and easy to set up and use.

CONS: Image descriptions don't show up fully below images and when images are clicked on, you still can't see the full description because there is no image descriptions when the picture is brought into full view.

All in all this extension is fantastic, but only lacks one feature - description controls and placement.
Owner's reply

Hi, displaying of description depends on used detail window method (standard popup, modal box, modal box image only, highslide js, highslide js image only, shadowbox, jak lightbox, slimbox, boxplus, boxplus image only, etc.)

By image methods - this can be customized in the specific javascript library
By iframe methods - it can be easily set in template of detail window:
components/com_phocagallery/views/detail/tmpl/default.php or can be overwritten with help of MVC in template. Or can be set in parameters (description can be displayed below image or over the image in opacity box)

See: (8) - difference between image and iframe method - setting parameters to display/hide or set specific position of description


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