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byBBC2009, March 7, 2012
SJ K2 Mega Slider
Extension is not what is advertised. Crop resize doesn´t function as it should. Response in intern issue tracker is like: "What would you change in code ?"

When you answer that you woudn´t ask if you knew how to code and make function working, no answer after this.

Too many div´s and classes. As a matter of fact single module has almost so many div and classes as whole "Home" webpage.

Module is a way too complicated regarding coding.

And i see website od developer disclose my full name (not nickname, but my real name) in Google index and cache.
byBBC2009, July 18, 2011
5 stars for one extension with very, very complex code, and difficult to develop. Support at forum is also usually OK.

But, have to say...i decided not to use any third party SEF extension anymore.

It would be Joomla SEF all the way now. With Joomla 1.7 even better.

Now when Google give advice not to use SEF URL´s, and that dynamic URl´s are OK for theirs spiders, there is no point in using third party SEF. Also not any need for Joomla SEF.

I have been slave to third party SEF extensions for long time.

Regarding just sh404SEF. You can become irritated with fact that sh404SEF try to much, almost as James Bond.
- Google Analytics in Admin ?
- Div´s replacing tables !!??
- Honeypot and firewall functions !!??
- Template switcher ?

What´s next ? Gallery ?

Come on. Stick to the SEF.
Owner's reply


An interesting review! Let me first say I thank you for your 5 stars and the usage of the word "Best". As you might guess, I am of a different opinion when it comes to your following comments however.
Let's start by the end: "Stick to SEF". No. Because sh404SEF is not a SEF component, and has not been a SEF component since I took over in 2006. It is a SEO and security extension. And even security is really more a SEO thing as well.

It seems you have missed the logical pattern in all the features you listed. They all aim at improving one thing: ranking.

1 - SEF urls: I have no idea where you got the strange idea Google advice not to use SEF urls. Quite the contrary. Not only do they say it, but they have written it, on their blogs and in their Beginners SEO optimization guide for instance. Spider's ability to handle dynamic URL has never been a reason to use SEF urls, not since 2005 or so anyway. SEF urls are only about ranking a little bit better than your competition.
2 - Analytics: how do you want to optimize your site content without measuring results? Analytics goes hand in hand with SEO, it is a pre-requisite for any kind of SEO work, and my goal in putting it in to your Joomla's site backend is to raise awareness and facilitate this job
3 - Div replacing table. I suggest you Google for table-less layout and the SEO benefit fo using lightweight markup in your page's html. Please note that from version 1.6 on, Joomla! has switched to table-less html, and so this feature has been removed from sh404SEF for Joomla 1.6+
4 - Honeypot and firewall: SEO is (mostly) about quality content. Preventing crappy content to get on your site (Hoenypot), or preventing your site to be totally banned from Google search results because you have some malware in it looks like a very important thing to do in terms of SEO!
5 - Template switcher: we're now living in a mobile world. You must adjust your content to your users, and search engines have already started to take this into account, that's why I try help in this transition

Going back to the basics, SEF urls, I would also like to comment that if you go away from a SEF extension, you'll have to cope with the two biggest issues in Joomla urls:
a - duplicate content: urls are mostly based on menu items, and this will very often generates multiple urls to same content, thus "splitting" authority between links, instead of concentrating it. The menu-based architecture has some great benefits in terms of ease of use for the final users, and I'm not advocating dropping it, but it does have some issues
b - urls length: especially now that Joomla 1.6 has nested categories, we start seeing very lengthy urls, where the article title is at the end, where it loose any effect.

Hope I have addressed some of your concerns. Two sources of information on the matter I found interesting are the Google webmaster central blog, and the site, in particular their ranking factors pages.

Best regards

byBBC2009, July 18, 2011
One of the best Joomla editors out there. Using it for many years. Tried many others too, but you allways get back to JCE.

Wish just developer resisted to make it fast. With so many caching, code compressing, cookies, etc....
It bites so fast in browsers that sometimes you almost need to restart PC to be sure som settings you just changed began working.

Let it be slow. It is so advanced, it is not meant to fly.
byBBC2009, June 1, 2011
All the best.
Can´t find words how useful is this extension.

Code is very easy to read, and tweak. Template overide is excellent. Wish only this onecssperK2category would be a core feature. So we don´t depend of one person outside developers circuit.

Then, i know that primary goal is to make K2 fast, pageload, queries, etc..And i see many "open doors" to insert a plenty of new options and functionalities in K2. Just to play with settings for images (per one category) is enormous.

Good work, very good work.
byBBC2009, January 17, 2011
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Extension is OK, has potential.
Have to say that searching at K2, Virtuemart or Sobi2 support forums is a piece of cake, compared to Fabrik support forum.

Support answers at Fabrik forum are confusing, chaotic. Developers are often rude to people that are only asking help with "free" part of extension.

It seems that they just write at forum to get more topics and posts. Quantity before quality.

When someone asks something they answer halfhearted and then they acuse topic starter that he/she wasn´t clear. And topic ends there, despite starter made himself clear after.

Whole feeling with Fabrik support team is that they complicate and confuse things maximally to earn money if someone needs help with extension.

That BTW is not wrong, but YOU HAVE TO give easy and free explanation to that you give for free. For paid parts od extension you can charge extra for support.

As i said, deliberately complicating things at support level (and whole philosophy behind extension) to get more money.

Sorry guys, i use to give excellent reviews.
Thumbs down this time.
Owner's reply

I am sorry to hear that was the experience you had on the community forum.

Its not our intention to force people to upgrade to a better support level (although as you would expect we give preference to paying customers in both depth and speed of responses)
We most certainly do not make the product complex to force people to upgrade either. Fabrik IS and in depth complex and subtle component. It takes time and patience to get the most out of it.
I really don't think we are rude on the forums either.

Thumbs down to the idea we do all this for the money!

byBBC2009, July 24, 2010
I decided to use this plugin after i saw writings of developer at different forums. And how much enthusiasm was behind his work.

And i did´t do mistake.
I had some problems to get plugin to work at my Joomla configuration and developer first tried with admin login to fix it. Then he asked for complete backup of my root folder and DB, and he fixed problem for a half of day at home. I won´t mention that he answer emails directly fast.

Beleive me, with this developer you wont stay in deep water when you move to Joomla 1.6. Or when you install some plugin that is poorly coded and has to work with merge-minify plugin.

Apsolutely doesn´t matter if this plugin will stay free in future. Support is excellent. Even more excellent with fact that it is a free plugin.

Try to put yourselves in his shoes. How many of you would bother to aks someone (you don´t know) for joomla root folder, DB, install that at home and troubleshoot? All for free.

I may say, in Joomla world it is excellent support.
byBBC2009, December 25, 2009
Advanced Module Manager
Ooooo man, this extension saved my life.

How many times was i forced to completely change layout because of this problem with modules showing/not showing somwhere. Hours of work, adjust widths, etc....

Man you are a genius. And this piece of code SHOULD BE as default in Joomla!!!
Owner's reply

Let's hope J!1.6 has better module assignment control.

byBBC2009, November 3, 2009
One of the best comment extensions around. (I did tried many). Easy to integrate it in other extensions (Soby2, K2 for instance).

Rich of features, easy to customize via css.