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byBackpfeife, April 16, 2013
Event Gallery
i very much like the ease of use and somple approach of just creating a folder and use all pictures in this folder.
Just add additional pictures to the folder and they will be added to the gallery. THUMBS UP !
Even though this is a "gallery" driven piece of software and not an article manager, I would like to present the created events within an article using blog-layout (ie. on news-page). This is currently not (yet?) possible :(
It also seems to be using many scripts at once which probably could be merged to save bandwidth. But, hey this is one of the 1st public releases and therefore really, really good !
Thank you Sven !
OSE Anti-Hacker™ for Joomla!
I have bought the Standalone-version to protect several sites on a vserver which is managed by plesk.
To keep it short:
People who know the complexity of a website and its background-processes will –of course- also be able to realize that it will be difficult to implement anti-hacking tools seamlessly into the existing server-structure without manual-investigation on the server itself. But the company is dealing in a very very professional way with this issue. They’re giving excellent support during the installation and setup-process. Helix is doing a really good job – seems to be working around the clock. He is always friendly until the very last question is answered. I have learned a lot about rights-management and http-includes.:)
The software is now doing what it is supposed to do: It protects my websites from attacks. Thank You!! From now on this will become standard on all my future installations.