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byBaffered, March 13, 2010
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This plugin was just what I was searching for last autumn, when I upgraded our chessclub's website to Joomla! 1.5. Until now I've had to deal with one pgn-file holding the games I wanted to display, one html-file holding the pgn-viewer, and a java-based pgn-viewer. The html-file was shown in a frame in the article. This plugin makes the task much easier; I just have to copy and paste the content of the pgn-file between the two [pgn] and [/pgn]-tags. This plugin displays a sharp and goodlooking chessboard anywhere you would like to place it in an article, and let readers play through the game(s). The font used for the moves are figure-based. Colors for the board and pieces are customizable.
If I may suggest a few minor improvements, I would like to display the player's ratings right next to their names, an edtable date format, and the result also shown after the last move.

Thanks a lot for providing this excellent plugin!
Owner's reply

Thanks for your feedback!

I'll keep your suggestions in mind for future updates.

For the time being there are a few workarounds you could try to manually achieve similar effects as your suggested improvements.

The plugin takes the standard PGN header tags (Date, Site, Event, Round, White, Black, Result) and displays their value. Other PGN header tags (like WhiteElo, BlackElo) are ignored. As a workaround to display Elo information, the PGN data could be modified manually, adding the Elo information to the White and Black header tag, such as [White "Kramnik, Vladimir (2790)"]. Far from ideal having to manually modify the PGN header values, but it would achieve the desired effect.

Same for changing the date format, anything found in the Date PGN header tag would be displayed; manually changing the date format in the PGN data would change the display.

The result information is currenlty (by design) displayed only in the header section; in order to display the result at the end of the moves, a PGN comment could be manually added at the end of the game, such as: ... 4.Qxf7 { 1-0 }

Thanks for the feedback and please send me the URL of your site (to the email address you find on the homepage )!