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Balan Yogaraj

byBalan Yogaraj, March 12, 2012
Recently, I found this extension which impressed me with it's simplicity. I found the document section with the site is incomplete and the developer is still updating it. So, I got some chances to mail the support team. Really, amazing support...the support person was very very polite and get me detailed explanation for all my queries.
byBalan Yogaraj, March 12, 2012
Akeeba Backup
Whenever, I install joomla, my next task would be installing akeeba. This extension should come with default joomla package. I am looking for a word other than Excellent, good or something.

Thanks Nicholos for this great extension.
byBalan Yogaraj, March 12, 2012
My English might be not good.

I generally avoid writing reviews. But this is the extension which made me to do this. I'm not a new kunena user. I have used some old versions of kunena and not much attracted on the extension. So, I looked for a better one this time similar to PHPBB. Unfortunately i was reverted to the same extension since i cannot get the better. But while using the new version of this extension,I found lot of improvements that the developer has made. My client was really happy with this forum style...

Really an excellent work!