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byBaobab, October 9, 2011
Music Collection
I use music collection on my website This website is about music and MC helps me to inform visitors about my customers (musicians) and I can please my visitors by offering them some very nice music. It makes my website a place worth visiting for more reasons than only looking at my products so it’s also a visitors magnet, luckily there is a very useful (3d party) Xmap plug in. MC is very well structured; it’s easy to navigate through categories etc and it has a nice look. It has many features and for me there is not so much more to wish for but the developer seems eager to improve the component even more and I think it will be supported for a long time. While working with the component I noticed that MC has some bugs but these were minor bugs and did not cause real problems. Customer support was very helpful and all my emails were answered very quickly.
MC was a good buy, well worth the money!
byBaobab, August 4, 2011
All things concidered; as long as users have to do without a wysiwyg text editor none of the Joomla classified ads components deserve 5 stars. Raw text just looks awful and you cannot expect your visitors to use html code when they submit advertisements.
byBaobab, August 14, 2006
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Community Builder
If the makers of this component really need money so much why don't they make this a comercial plug in, I really do not want a component on my site where you see somebody begging for money when you happen to push the wrong button.
I could not find where to shut down this part of the component so I think I will not use this for my site.
Thank you but no thanks.
byBaobab, July 26, 2006
AJAX Shoutbox
It seems to work fine and it certainly looks nice, this is another component to my site that makes my friends think that I am a skilled website builder.