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byBartcelona, December 11, 2012
Ultimate Facebook Like Content Button
For some reason the site I installed it on had a template that places a cononical link on all pages ( domain root ) as a result facebook was counting the fronpage clicks and liking the frontpage (the cononical link) when liking.
This was identified within 5 minutes of creating a ticket on the developers site.
Besides that the module appears to be working perfectly, better then some of the other commercial plugins that have been available for a while... I will be using (and replacing) this plugin on all sites that that need social sharring.
Well done.
OpenPotion Asynchronous Google Analytics
A plugin like this should just work the way Google Analytics describes you should implement. And it does.
No reason to fiddle with this if this can do it so easily. We used the other popular one before but failed to be able to continue to use it on Multiple domain tracking (and goal setting linked with addwords). This one allows us to do that.
There was a small problem with the domain identification that I alerted them to via their support channel. Withing 12 hour I got a response and within 24 hours a new version was rolled out that fixed it.
byBartcelona, October 18, 2007
DPCalendar Lite
Got excited but then was unable to find any details on their site that kept me excited.

I have been using Google Calendar in a wrapper for a while is this any different?

If I can not do anything with the calendar within Joomla I might as well use an iCal reader like iwebcal
byBartcelona, March 6, 2006
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Community Builder
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