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byBatcompu, October 19, 2011
My session of the complete review expired so this is a short version.


For my site to get nice urls.

Pro :

Easy to install (without htacces my grandmother could install it and with htaccess file my mother still could do it. )

If Support needed you get this within a couple of hours.

Url's fully manageble but still easy to do.


Doesn't support every component so sometimes you need to skip that and that component won't give you nice urls on the site.

But I have to say even with unsupported components it almost works for 90%.
Owner's reply


Thanks for your kind review. Regarding your comment on how some Joomla! extensions may not be supported, for lack of a plugin, this is indeed something that can happen.
You still need to consider however that:
- the same is true with any SEF system, including Joomla own SEF
- sh404SEF is the SEF component that supports the largest number of extensions. There are a large number of "native" plugins, but most importantly, it can also use Joomla! SEF system plugins and also plugins from other SEF extensions.

So if a given component has a SEF plugin somewhere you can use it with sh404SEF. If not, then this particular extension cannot have SEF url at all, regardless of the solution you're using