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byBeing, January 30, 2012
Youtube Gallery
YouTube Gallery is an excellent extension and the pay-for version (without the small link to the developer's site, and with CSS control) is even better. There are so many configuration possibilities but even with the most basic settings it works very well. Ideal for beginners and advanced developers alike. I had some small problems (my fault) but the developer was extremely helpful and patient.
Highly Recommended!
byBeing, February 19, 2010
Joomla 1.5 needs a good classified ads component and module since Adsmanager is Legacy only. I've only tried the free version of Almond Classifieds, and I realise a great deal of time and effort has gone into developing it, but unfortunately it isn't anywhere near user-friendly enough to be managed by my clients. The backend feels like working prototype, plenty of configuration but it's all very clunky/techy and requires too much of a learning curve for most site owners to be bothered with. Also, the documentation is poor and their website is a mess. This component feels like a student's project rather than a polished package. From what I have read the pro version isn't much better and the price seems very high compared to some of the exceptional extensions available. Sorry guys but you need to try harder.