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Bending Unit 21

byBending Unit 21, June 12, 2013
Top Position Yahoo Finance
This is what i needed. Simple module, yet works great.

I hope you can add code in a next revision to display the stock price in bold red when they are down, or bold green when they are up.
byBending Unit 21, April 7, 2013
Facebook Graph Connect
This extension worked great! I have been waiting for someone to write a Facebook Connect extension that is free of charge. This one worked!

I hope in your next project update, you add a functionality to integrate Facebook data with Jomsocial, K2, and Community Builder! Thanks.
byBending Unit 21, April 3, 2012
TZ Featured News for K2
First of all, it says here it is Joomla 2.5 compatible. However, when you click the Download after going all the trouble registering on the website, the package contains Joomla 1.5 and 1.7 extensions. When you install it, the backend parameters have nothing much in it. You can't even select any articles to feature or whatsoever.
byBending Unit 21, April 3, 2012
Insert Article by ID
Based on its designed functionality, this module does the job. Unfortunately, the biggest letdown is that you cannot insert K2 Articles, only standard Joomla articles. Given that K2 is already widespread these days, this module is not for you if you are on K2.

Another thing, at the backend, a huge smiley face icon and Paypal donation image blocks a portion of the parameter settings.
byBending Unit 21, October 3, 2011
I was looking for a plugin that would allow me to simply paste my adsense code into the editor without the editor deleting the javascript when i save an article.

This Sourcerer plugin worked great! I just copy-and-paste my Adsense code inside the tags, and i can see the adsense codes' location within the structure of my webpage while editing an article.

When i switch to Source Code, i saw that the plugin mutilated my Adsense code with lots of SPAN and BR tags inserted here and there. That scared me, since Adsense doesn't want you to alter the codes in any manner. However, when i view the source code of the page of the actual frontend website, the Adsense code remained intact as it is. So i guess, i should be fine.
Owner's reply

Yep, the added html is just for display purposes in the wysiwyg editor and to prevent the editor from messing with the code.
Sourcerer removes all these hidden html tags when converting it to frontend code.

byBending Unit 21, August 17, 2011
Phoca GAE
I don't know why the other Extensions here related to Adsense, you still need to set the font colors, background colors, etc on the Module backend, when these parameters were already inputed in the adsense units themselves when they were setup in the Adsense account panel.

All i need is just copy-and-paste the Adsense code, and that's it! And this extension does the job. And it worked great!
byBending Unit 21, March 22, 2011
Articles Anywhere
Whoever created this plugin, is a genius! It worked perfect in my website. Now, i can make my many Articles modularized and easily insert them into the main article in the frontpage using just tags! I am no longer a hostage of my template's limited available positions to place my articles.

The best part of this plugin, is it's free. I hope you will be repaid with good karma. Karma is better than cash.
byBending Unit 21, March 12, 2011
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GK Weather
I downloaded the extension from their Gavick website the version 1.1.0 which the website says was last updated Jan 25, 2011. However, upon installation, the backend says the extension was actually Jan 31, 2010 update.

The extension itself looks nice. Unfortunately, the latitude, longitude, and timezone settings don't work. Supposedly, based on these settings the displayed icons will alternately show either a sun or a moon depending on the time of the day for these settings. However, in my case, the icons appear stuck as a moon 24 hours a day based on the latitude/longitude settings i obtained from Google Maps. If you change the values to null, the icons are stuck to a sun all day long for 24 hours. Changing timezone values don't have any effect.

Also, the weather forecast displayed seems to be less accurate compared to The Weather Underground. The other day, it was raining heavily here in my place, but the forecast says "Partly Cloudy", while The Weather Underground accurately says "Rainy".
byBending Unit 21, September 1, 2010
Lof ArticlesSlideShow
This is a nice article showcase module.

One thing though: If your images are residing somewhere else, like Photobucket for example, the thumbnail capability doesn't work. You have to upload the images on your own hosted server where your domain is located for resizing to function.
byBending Unit 21, August 28, 2010
I have two browsers side-by-side. The scroller/ticker runs with Firefox, but is just stationary with Internet Explorer 8. So if your users is using IE8, this module doesn't work.

I also wanted to have the ticker running the entire length of my webpage. However, if you adjust the "Ticker Width" to more than 518 pixels, the ticker stops scrolling. 518 pixels is just half the span of a webpage.

In the "Add Ticker/Scroller Items", if you skip one item, the ticker gets broken and stops scrolling.

The various options available like changing font colors, speed, and opacity, are nice.

However, it would have been much nicer if you can just select items from your Section or Category to scroll. Instead of typing them manually by hand. If you are planning to use this as a scroller for your latest news, it will eventually become too tiring, as you have to cut-and-paste the news on the item list one-by-one all the time.
Owner's reply

- The module is fully working in IE8. Please review our demo link in Internet Explorer 8. You can see it is working properly.

- Yes, the maximum width of the ticker is 518 pixel.

- You need to configure the ticker properly. You cna find the configuration instruction here:

byBending Unit 21, July 28, 2010
Core Design Login
This is exactly what i needed -- a login module that doesn't occupy too much web real estate! And with lots of configuration options to booth.

The cool "balloon" type window panel that shows up to display the login forms, is a great space saver. Unfortunately, it messed up similar balloon-type pop-up windows from other installed extension apps in my website, such as JomSocial. In JomSocial, when you place your mouse over the user's avatar, the pop-up balloon panel shows up. When i installed this login module, the source code in JomSocial shows up instead. When i disable this login module, the JomSocial pop-up goes back to normal -- which proves the conflict between apps.

But overall, if you're not using any other apps that implements "pop-up" javascript feature, this login module is neat!
byBending Unit 21, August 9, 2009
Saxum IPLogger
Out of the box, it works -- it does record a registered user's IP address upon login.

Since this appears to be the first incarnation of this software, here's what's missing:

- There is no way to purge the long list of IP address being recorded. No way to reset the data. If you have something like 2500 members, one day of data collection is a terribly long list.

- There is no TIMESTAMP on the recorded IP. Only datestamp. As a result, you have something like user Charlie with 28 entries having identical IP address, all having the same datestamp. Not very useful data.

- The statistics page is grouped according to "user". So you can only view a user and see all the IP address he used. That's vague data, especially if he is using dynamic IP. A more useful approach is data grouped according to IP address, and see how many usernames came from a single IP. You can spot trolls and spammers this way.
Owner's reply

Please check version 2.0