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byBennOam, April 25, 2011
This is what I was ever looking for, a comprehensive registration component which make you independent to components like Community Builder (just in regards of registration form) and etc. The support team is huge... It is exaggeration to say it is realtime but IMO it is not less... I just wished it could make a little improvement on the Joomla's access control, but it is unrelated as the solution should hack the joomla's core like sections/categories... Thanks jVitals.
byBennOam, April 20, 2011
A simple and step-by-step security opening check-marks to be secured, with giving your website security grade through a "System Check" button, it will help you to more secure your joomla website by considering system locked-up and repairing and optimizing your database tables... It is a must have and a useful tool to secure any joomla site!