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Benoit Gonneville Damme

byBenoit Gonneville Damme, October 26, 2011
Smart Slider 2
There is a lot of Slider/Tab component out there ! And some pretty good one too (Gavick Pro, the Yoo-Carousel, etc...)

Most of them let you embed content, articles, code, etc... but all of them will have their restriction at some point (not been able to embed video, pictures, etc...).

Well Smart Slider just seems to have ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES ! It took me so long to find a component that could easily embed videos, pictures, articles, modules and etc...

The back-end is SUPER easy to use, very userfrendly, beautifully design. Do you know a component that let you preview the modification your doing LIVE right from the BACK-END ? Well Smart Slider actually does that !

Really, this component is worth the small cost ! It's time saving and it has endless possibilities to offer !

Great component !