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byBenwal, June 11, 2012
Akeeba Backup
I have used Akeeba Backup and most of its functions including backup and with Kickstart. This extension is easy to use, and doesn't take a lot of brain power. In conjuction with Admin Tools both are excellent tools to have in your Joomla. The only way to misuse these tools is to not read.
byBenwal, January 9, 2011
Simple Email Form
Thanks Doug. I downloaded the module and installed it and set it up. No problems at all from install to usage. I will mention here that if anyone wants to change any of the wording on the form to your own liking or to make the statements more compact, just go to text.php and make the changes there.

Even after giving this an excellent, I would like to see the text area, the field configurable to adjust the length of text that can be written per line (row) even when the text area is reduced in size, say for instance 60 characters per row and configurable downward regardless of the size of the text area on the form.
byBenwal, December 23, 2010
Today I uninstalled an earlier version of XMap and installed the latest version. The bugs noticed in the earlier version are now gone and you can actually access the options and preferences of XMap.

What is also nice is that the urls for XMap are now available in XMap. My site is 1.5.22, and I made XMap into a two column and it display nicely on the front end.

All I had to do was make an XMap element of the Main Menu so that users can click on XMap in the Main menu to see the site map. Now I am satisfied.