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byBernhardL, April 14, 2013
Just outstanding is this component. Recent (April 2013) massive bruteforce attacks where beat off completely. No SQL Injection anymore. RSFirewall points the finger at your own flaws. Love the autoblacklist feature. And so much more. Thanks to RSJoomla.
byBernhardL, December 11, 2012
Read Less - Text
I really enjoy this tool, very helpful. It saves a lot of html-hassle for my writing people and keeps the unique article style throughout the team.

Thank you.
byBernhardL, February 25, 2011
Import for K2
Ever tried to upload your staff's content manually? Into K2? With extra fields? And then get another version to re-upload next week?

Use this extension.

In K2 set some articles the way you need them, start an export, in the resulting csv-file put your content into columns and import the file again. Its as easy as this.

It saves you headaches, and makes your boss loving you. :) Thanks for the work.
byBernhardL, February 8, 2010
Other than to include Direct PHP into your content and so open your PHP-Commands through search to the public (major security issue), JIncludes sets php seperately as plugin-code and refers to them through pseudo-command.

Also highly appreciated, the use of parameters.


can be processed:

// Link not to be shown in e.g. categories list
if (JRequest::getVar('view', 'default') == 'article'){
echo ''.$param.'';

Hint: the doc speaks of $params (which doesn't work) instead of $param which actually works. Also keep in mind, that the mentioned php-function split() is deprecated, use explode() instead.

Possible improvement: let the command-brackets be choosen through parameters.

Result: Big help for very individual tasks, that otherwise have no answer in classic Joomla. 5 points
byBernhardL, December 16, 2009
Alex is a care taker. He not only delivers an excellent component (which aiContactSafe truly is in aspects of installation, documentation and function as well), he is also quick in support and a nice guy to talk to.
byBernhardL, October 20, 2009
Akeeba Backup
How can one be at the safe side without a backup tool? No, not really.

In fact, this package is a life insurance - all completely not depending from the provider.

Fav'ed it
byBernhardL, October 20, 2009
Modules Anywhere
So easy to use, all you do is click a button in the editor. This is what I call "perfectly integrated".

Favorited the extension

Thank you
byBernhardL, October 20, 2009
All Weblinks
To make it XHTML 1.0 Transitional the CSS-call should be positioned in the Section. I did it using mod_menu_dep_items, where you can place a CSS-call in a customheader-module.

Also, while having more than 1 module showing links, CSS would be called n-times, which the above solution prevents.

Again: Nice component. Thanks.
Owner's reply

The *module* has been updated recently to 2.0.1 (look on the download page) it puts out valid xhtml and your suggestions are implemented.
Have fun.

byBernhardL, October 13, 2009
Won't use ganalytics because of legal problems in Germany. Also don't either need these overwhelming featurits. Therefore was lucky to find JoomlaWatch. Was easy to install. Has no speed issues in my system. Sends obviously reasonable figures.