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byBerserkDroid, October 7, 2012
I bought the paid version of JNews, and it came bundled with some nice freebies that has given tremendous power and flexibility to my site. It runs stable and has no issues whatsoever. Props to the development team for their software and support!
byBerserkDroid, October 7, 2012
Installed and up and running in minutes. Configuration was a breeze, no issues whatsoever with seamless Avatar integration with Community Builder. It really worked right out of the box.

Awesome software!
byBerserkDroid, October 5, 2012
OSE Membership™
This by far the most powerful extension for membership control that i've used, and the level of support that runs 24/7 is incredible. The support team is patient, and Shawn went the extra mile to solve my problems. Seriously, this has been money well spent and the folks at OSE have really set the bar high. Highly recommended!

byBerserkDroid, March 14, 2012
Simple Image Holder
This extension is essential for many sites where you would want to place images in any position. I can't find anything wrong with it. It installs in seconds, and set up took a minute. You can duplicate the module and display different images in any position with no hiccup whatsoever! Props to Omar for such a great module!