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byBestrafung, April 18, 2013
Facebook Like Button
This is an excellent extension and does exactly what it claims. I had trouble getting it to fit in the sidebar so I had to add a custom module position for it. Also, as others have stated it picks up on only one image and doesn't let you change this. I'm not sure whether that's an issue with Facebook or this module but unfortunately it means all of the likes from any of my pages show one of the rotating banners instead of the article image. Other than those two issues I'm happy with this extension.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your review. But your problem have nothing to do with my module. Facebook renders your page and takes the first image. If you want facebook should use an article image, you should use Open Graph tags.

This is a plugin which do it for you:

byBestrafung, May 30, 2012
First let me say this is a great extension and I love it except for the validation issues. I'm sure I could have edited the extension code to fix it but that's too much trouble for a client's site. If you enter custom HTML in the header and footer fields it is automatically wrapped in paragraph tags. While normally this wouldn't be an issue I was already using them so it errored and had to be corrected. Then the horizontal rules had to be removed. I had to use with inline CSS to get everything how I wanted it again.

TL:DR - This is a great extension but be very careful to check and resolve your W3C validation errors.