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byBifford, July 26, 2014
Nice and simple attachment manager, working with no problems at all.

I Recommend!
Cache Cleaner
Brilliant bit of work by the author. This really should be included as standard in Joomla - it is That good! :)

Well done and thank you.
byBifford, June 19, 2013
Anything Tabs
A very nice little plugin to display social media links. Took a while to find it due to the name not linking itself to social icons but once found I'll never go back! :)

Now for a Joomla 3 version please!
byBifford, June 14, 2013
Quick Icon for HikaShop
Does exactly what it should do.

Icon comes up in control panel and can even be moved around.

Thanks! :D
byBifford, April 28, 2013
Admiror Frames
There are a number of improvements needed, but overall a very good plugin! :)
byBifford, April 28, 2013
Admiror Gallery
Brilliant gallery and great support (I'm happy to be a mid on the forum! :)
byBifford, April 26, 2013
This form extension is the best I found that is free.

The support on the form is also top-notch. Thanks! :D
byBifford, February 16, 2013
TCVN Banner Slider
A very good module for displaying banners!

Minor points: Under the Basic Options:-
1. The first box has no label so I've no idea what is supposed to go in there?
2. banner Clients have to be manually typed in, there's no drop-down selection (spell something wrong and it won't work)

Otherwise perfect. Thanks! :D