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byBigStef, August 29, 2014
I don't know how to write a line of code, php, MySQL are just strange language for me. With Seblod, learn a bit of their syntaxe and you will have the possibilities to create all the apps your website need. If you need help, forum or professionnal support is a real plus. Thanks to all seblod team for their work and their availability.
byBigStef, May 3, 2013
Watchful Client
I have began to follow my different website with an excell sheet. You can imagin how it was a pleasure to keep it updated :-) Now i'm using WatchFull (thanks to Rockettheme for their special offer). It's great, easy to use and the team give a good support if you meet a problem... I'm just now waiting for "sub-manager" per domain (in the same way of analitycs), and i will considere this product like "finished" :-)
Owner's reply

We have lots of users who are thrilled that they can ditch excel for Watchful :)

byBigStef, September 20, 2012
Google Maps by Reumer
Thank you very much for your excellent plugin. Does what it say, AND MUCH MORE. Both version (J 1.5 and J 2.5) works very well, super easy to parameter and easy way to use KML file.
byBigStef, April 11, 2012
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Go Mylo Countdown
Simple ! A lot customizable ! Works ! Thanks ! ;-)
byBigStef, March 26, 2012
SJ K2 FrontPage
First I think that thumbnails could be a little improved : Or image is resized AND deformed to fit to the size chosen, or the thumbnails is cropped and if the original is 600 x 850 PX, cropped is a part of this image for a thumbnails of 50 x 50 i.e.. SO you see a very little part of the image and this is not cool.
Second : This is now 1 month that I have submitted a ticket in Member area and no response. For a paid Module I find support very bad, so sorry for this first negative review, i'm really not used with that...
Owner's reply

Dear BigStef

I am terribly sorry for this issue.

We have improved our support. Now we can answer in 12 hours

You can submit ticket or post to forum to see our support now

FW Gallery
This FW gallery is a really good solution to connect the galeries photo you have on your profil with your Joomla Website. More it looks like a backup of your profil...

Now more than this : FW Gallery answer you each time you have a problem or a bug. By mail or o the forum in 24h, this is really appreciate. I had recieved update of the FB plugin by mail in 2 days after reporting a limit problem of categories list. Thanks you very much Svetlana !!! :-)
byBigStef, September 14, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
Now installed by default on all website i work on ! Specially appreciat the "Copy from an other modeule" option wich simplify my life on a lot of website... Thanks ! :)
byBigStef, January 24, 2011
K2 is a powerfull component wich allow you to do nearly anything on your Joomla website. Thanks to Joomlaworks team for their job and all the community who has really help the newbies i am. Their's also a lot of plugin to give more possibilities to this component. Just be patient, the "how to" is perhaps for good skill webmaster, but when you get it, it is alright...
byBigStef, October 31, 2010
A really good plugin for those who need to send Newsletter with an easy way to login... Just a link and done ! Thanks for this guys !!!
byBigStef, April 4, 2010
Vinaora Cu3er
A real good module for slide show. Thanks to all Vinaora team for their fabulous job. Xml is a little bit hard ton configue, but there is a great help on their website.
byBigStef, January 26, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
This now the third component i'm using to send my newsletter and is far the best one I have never use. Thanks for the free component that has already all necessary functions to be performant. easy to use, Great interface, great option... Nothing else to say that : Go on ! Thanks for your product !
byBigStef, November 5, 2009
As I'm living my website to my customers for adding item, that plugin is exactly what I needed so I don't have to learn them anymore what the size of a picture is ! Thanks a lot ! :-)
byBigStef, August 28, 2009
Simple MP3 Player
THanks for this very simple to use module. Also so easy to customize... Great !
byBigStef, April 12, 2009
Nothing else to say but : A great component that works ! An amazing "connectivty" that show results on front end ! A Forum that halps à lot ! Thanks for all ChronoTeams :-)
byBigStef, January 30, 2009
2J Tabs
As I had a little porblem with 2Jtabs on a page of my website, i wrote a ticket on their support assistance and had an useful help in less than one hourr ! Is that not amazing ? :-)