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byBig_Mike_AZ, August 7, 2012
Simple Spotlight
Just like everyone else has said, this is a great module. It is super easy to use and works exactly like it should. I end up using it on most of the sites I work on.

Thumbs up!
byBig_Mike_AZ, May 13, 2012
RSform Pro
I used the free version of this on pretty much every site I built. When I started using Joomla 2.5 I was a bit turned off when I realized this component was no longer free, so I decided against it.

After messing with other free systems I realized I needed something with more features and control and decided to break out the wallet and try pro.

I am so glad I did! This system has improved so much since the free version. You have many options and it's easier to use than ever.

Definitely worth the price many times over.
byBig_Mike_AZ, March 14, 2012
Love this extension.

Before we started using this extension, keeping track of projects and details was a nightmare.

With this extension keeping track of every detail and due dates is amazingly easy.

My only complaint about this is this the swarm of email notifications, which is a good thing, but it is easy to lose track of emails with so many coming in. I wish you could filter emails so the person who edits/creates/comments doesn't get an email about their own update.

Highly recommend!
byBig_Mike_AZ, March 9, 2012
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Multiple Rating for K2
This works exactly like I expected. Allows you put multiple ratings into a K2 item.

It was easy to setup and works great.

Only downside is there's no way to setup different options based on the category. There's only 1 of ratings which you can apply to all or specific categories. Hopefully they expand on this in the future!

Overall, great extension, highly recommended.
byBig_Mike_AZ, February 27, 2012
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Magic Price Table
Once setup, this is an awesome module.

The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is the setup is very annoying.

You have to manually setup every single cell instead of having the same settings for each row. That's 40 cells that all have to be edited (even if you aren't using them you have to disable them since they are all enabled by default).

I'm sure this will improve. Overall I'm happy with it!
byBig_Mike_AZ, August 24, 2011
Generate Profiles for JomSocial
I found this component easy to use.

I do agree with the other reviews that some of the US names and information was a bit off, but it's easy enough to edit.

I've used this a couple times and haven't had any problems.
byBig_Mike_AZ, August 11, 2011
VideoWhisper  2 Way Video Chat
For such a hefty price tage ($350) I expected at least some support.

In total I sent four tickets. The first one was answered with a 3 word sentence. Honestly it did fix the problem I had but it felt like they didn't really care about the problem.

The second ticket was answered with a link to a page which, in my question was what I was asking about.

So far my third and fourth tickets have gone unanswered.

As far as the product, it is a good product. It works out of the box, it provides basic 2 way video chat. It was easy to setup rooms and the way it works fit perfectly into our website goals. It's actually a very cool component.

I do not feel it was worth the high price tag and now with the lack of support we are going to have to use a different system.
Owner's reply

Our policy is to discuss in written, due to the technical nature of the products and services, that requires exchanging authentication info, specs, links to specific relevant demos, descriptions, documentation, order pages.
Most inquiries usually require developer attention, some demand research, product updates or fixes, site testing, tweaks that can't be provided live.

Tickets are answered depending on availability, time zone, working hours (variable), working days (not including common non working days like Christmas, New Year and sometimes weekends). In conclusion tickets can be replied from minutes to multiple hours or days later.
Sometimes tickets are skipped or lost due to human or technical reasons. So, if you don't receive a reply in 48h you should include a reminder, follow up by replying same ticket. If in 72h you don't get an answer try submitting a new ticket.

byBig_Mike_AZ, June 20, 2011
Akeeba Backup
Usually the first component I install on any site I setup.

This really should be a part of the the Joomla core.

Every site needs this component installed! Backups are important and you need you do them often.

This is simple to use. After you config your settings it's as simple as pressing a button to create a backup of your files and database.

If you need to move your site from one server to another, just back it up and use the kickstart to install it on your new server. It's that simple.

The Remote Control lets you backup multiple sites from your desktop and even download the backups for local storage. And this is all free!
byBig_Mike_AZ, June 20, 2011
EZ Realty
Of course I started with free realty management extensions which didn't do what I needed or were more of a hassle than it was worth.

I then moved on to the cheaper paid extension which again, wasn't worth the price.

EZ Realty has been great. It does all the things it should do and still offers the flexibility to customize what you need to.

Support is great. Kathy always responds quickly and offers thorough answers.

Love all the extras that come with a single subscription. The Adverts component is amazing, as well as the map component.

Highly recommend this component.
byBig_Mike_AZ, June 13, 2011
Admin Tools
I'm surprised this isn't an "Editor's Pick".

This is a very powerful tool that makes various jobs so much easier to do.

I found it from a mention in the idea pool. Wish I had found this years ago!

Easy to install, easy to use, and a must have for every Joomla website.
byBig_Mike_AZ, May 31, 2011
Estate Agent  Improved
For the price, this is a decent component. It does what it should which is allowing you to post real estate.

There are some downsides though. It is difficult to edit most parts of the component. There's no way to disable/enable specific features. The english translations are poor (which isn't uncommon and is easily fixed in the language file).

Most of questions on the support forum were answered within a few hours, but navigating the support forum and website is a nightmare. The pages load extremely slow, so be prepared to spend some time just searching for solutions.

Overall this is a good component for the price. I don't know that I will continue to use it, but maybe in time things will "improve" heh.