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byBikerman, March 12, 2012
I needed a module to scroll articles from a news category in a single-line at the top of the user page. I tried several of the scrollers available but all had shortcomings. This module works like a charm and is so customisable that it can be made to do almost anything you require - (for example, I needed to strip some words out of the headlines automatically. A posting on the support board returned the method in under an hour, and it works perfectly).

Well done guys/girls - fantastic module and first-class support.
byBikerman, August 2, 2011
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Community Builder
I noticed some negative comments and that has spurred me to actually review this product, which is about time because I've been using it for a couple of years.
I don't understand the criticism. It has always installed OK for me - over 4 versions. The only problem I have ever had was with database corruption after a server outage - and the tools supplied sorted it out in no time.

I do see that the amount of free offerings on the JoomlaPolis cite are much reduced with the latest version, but that cannot seriously be complained about - the wonder was it being free previously.
It is a stable, well written and well supported system which is simple enough to use in quick sticks and yet complex enough to offer the experienced developer plenty of scope.
It is the first component (after Akeeba backup) that I install on any new Joomla setup - that is the highest praise I could possibly give it :-)
byBikerman, March 10, 2011
I downloaded the module for use on a new 1.6 site. I had a slight problem with the menu being hidden by certain content pages so I left a message on the support forum. Within a very few hours there was a complete solution posted - which worked flawlessly.
Good product and outstanding technical support - well done people.
byBikerman, July 10, 2010
Akeeba Backup
It has to be said that this is a fabulous product. The fact that it is free is almost unbelievable.
Being a fairly old hand I was cynical enough to check that it restored the backups on a variety of systems and the news is - it does. It performed a flawless backup of my main site and flawlessly restored it to 3 different servers on 2 different domains using 2 different server platforms.

The author should be very proud of this product and he/she has my grateful thanks.
byBikerman, July 6, 2010
Great module. It loaded and installed seamlessly and is now running flawlessly on the site.

One question - how can I change the text font?
Owner's reply

If you add the word action to the module class suffix under Module manager->MoQuotes then add the following lines to your template.css

div.moduletableaction {
font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

Change the font styles above to whatever you like. That should do it.