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Billy Bob

byBilly Bob, November 14, 2012
It would appear that I tried to use this too soon. I downloaded the component and modules as well and the program for the PC. Nothing yielded any results and NO documentation. In fact, the PC application would not even load and Norton issued warnings but I proceeded anyway. This extension should not be listed until ready.
Owner's reply

Hi Billy Bob, yes it's true, the approval time for the component on came faster than we believed. We still work to publish any required information on our page.
The message during the installation process comes because we are not willing to buy an expensive zertificat from microsoft.
The first start of the desktop software will show a login dialog and an option to register. We urgently need valid user registrations, because any user has the ability to publish events to any requesting application.
Another problem might be that we are not native english speakers. The content on fastbroadcast is written in german. At this time the system is most usefull for Germany, Austria and Swisse but we will do our best to give anyone who is interested in this system support on the forum at

byBilly Bob, July 15, 2012
NS Pro
Not only is is an easy to use and implement component that works as advertised, but whenever I had problems (download issues, never the software) Chris has immediately responded. Whenever I had questions about the component, his responses have been quick and very helpful.
byBilly Bob, April 16, 2012
I too have read the other reviews and am puzzled. This is a great extension, works with Joomla 2.5, and responses to questions have been very prompt. Needed wrapping menu text, asked how to do it, was told new version handled it and voila.. , there it was! AND I am using the free version! Great work!