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byBilly_JR, December 6, 2010
JoomLine mp3 player
The player only shows as a popup window with no styling options. Needs to have more options for styling, display...
byBilly_JR, December 6, 2010
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Simple MP3 Player
The extension is a good start but the setup of the playlist and/or file location is very cumbersome.
The descriptions must have been translated, because they are somewhat cryptic.
The modules are written with no id's or name for the objects to be styled using css.
If you need a player that is easy to use and setup then this is not the one.
byBilly_JR, October 13, 2010
The module parameters provide some good controls and the display looks professional.
Great module.
byBilly_JR, October 5, 2010
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JE Guestbook
This is a less than average extension. It has very limited controls and options. Good for someone who wants to modify the code for their own needs. Not for beginners.
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We are made it new version totally AJAX based functionality also You can ratting on comment also integrated with joomsocial component.

Hardik mistry