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byBionicNelly, October 1, 2013
I had problems display images in a gallery for a responsive website and found this one worked providing that I use the "boxplus light square theme", the other lightbox popup themes didn't display images properly. It can allow a title and description for each image, which I put it within the images folder that I'm loading and that works. I've used pkg_sigplus- It's a great plugin and easy to use - I've used it with images that are 500px in width and it loads really quick. I always use GIMP to scale down my images, posterise it to 40 and save it for web and it helps the images file size alot thus making it faster to load.
byBionicNelly, July 3, 2013
Cookie Accept
I found this great little cookie module which fits perfectly. I used "debug" position in order to place it on the bottom even though the module has its own position to place such as top or bottom. I found this works with debug position. It's great to customize with use Firebug to pinpoint the exact css classname that you can change within the module.

Ace! :-)
byBionicNelly, January 22, 2013
The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. I was able to do it on my localhost (Linux (ubuntu)) and had no problem. I used GIMP to resize my images to 48 by 48 pixels to fit my own icons - really makes it easier for a client to access the backend to just click on the icon and away they go!
byBionicNelly, November 21, 2012
Zingiri Bookings
Unfortunately, it is very very restricted with the non-commercial version. It is certainly not for a novice. Lots of careful reading is required to get this up and running properly. It won't work with a localhost as it requires a website already up and running to connect to it. There are monthly or yearly payment required for the Professional version. The non-commercial version doesn't allow you to set up a schedule whereas according to the documentation mentioned above that you can add a schedule - this is not true and I couldn't even amend the default schedule! Very difficult to test properly! I had high hopes to be able to use this online booking but am now sceptical as thought this would be good for a client to use but it's unlikely I'll recommend this one as it isn't user friendly!
Owner's reply

Hi BionicNelly,

I'm disappointed that you feel you weren't able to get a true feel for our product. I'd be more than happy to assist you with the set up so that you can try Bookings in full.

Our free version does in fact allow for you to set up a schedule. A schedule is necessary in order to allow your customers to choose from your available resources/products. Again, if you feel our documentation does not clearly explain this then I can have someone from Zingiri either call or email you.

Kind Regards,
Zingiri Team