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byBionicNellyWiz, March 6, 2014
Carousel CK
I had loads of problems trying to get a carousel to work with a beez3 template design and finally found this one which had only just been added to JED on 3rd March! So I was really pleased and relieved. Ok, I used the settings. I had images that are of landscape of 800px by 300px. I used the wrapper and image of 40% with images space of 0 and thumbnail width of 0. So it was just the images I wanted displaying and not the other images lurking behind as it was a bit too busy for me! The important I notice that it had jquery script for mobiles. As it was on mobiles that carousel had to work on. Many thanks - great stuff! :-)
byBionicNellyWiz, February 28, 2014
A really good extension with brilliant explanation of the functionality and of how to use the extension. It should be the first thing to install to ensure better security. Thank you for this fantastic extension. :-)
byBionicNellyWiz, February 20, 2014
Login Notify
This is a great little plugin as you can keep a record of who logged in and when via email. It has the capability of being to set it for the whole site or specific usergroups where you choose from the dropdown list in the "Select Usertype" box. This is great of the Website Master to keep track all is running ok. Thanks for the plugin!
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Thank you so much for appreciating us. We are glad that it helped you.

byBionicNellyWiz, December 16, 2013
This is a good application and use it for Joomla 3.2 and use it for sensitive documents at a higher ACL level to download and great to see it stores email addresses even if they are registered users. I had expected the names of the downloads that subscribed users used as this would be useful to see which downloaded files is used the most. And if there are more than one download files that they can select but I couldn't see how it was possible to select more than one file to download. I couldn't find any documentation to see if it was possible - perhaps a little checkbox next to the download filenames. I wasn't sure if the downloaded files weren't easily hotlinked and have made prevention using special settings within joomla. Thank you again for providing this good application.
byBionicNellyWiz, November 25, 2013
A really nice effect to have especially that we can choose which button to use in the css styling box. Had no problem with using it for joomla 3.2. Very easy and quick to install and to set up, it works well on mobile phone as reaches the top quicker.
byBionicNellyWiz, November 23, 2013
I really found this plugin so easy to use. It has a great styling box for you to modify the css styling of the cookie popup message - had no problem at all especially the documentation gave really good detailed information about how to use it and giving great sample css to use for responsive websites. Everything about this plugin is exactly what I needed - easy, simple and quick to set-up! Thankyou!
byBionicNellyWiz, November 17, 2013
I really like this as you not only see the individual article hits list but you can reset it too with great ease - saves a lot of time too. Have used it in 3.1.16 and 3.2.0
byBionicNellyWiz, November 12, 2013
Extra Vote
I'm using Joomla 3.2 and couldn't get the voting plugin that comes with joomla and then I saw this great little one and thought I would see how it goes. It works great and had no problem. Cool!
byBionicNellyWiz, November 9, 2013
It worked great on the website. I was looking for an easy to use cache program as have come across another type and it was way too difficult to handle and took a long time to understand it and how it works whereas this cache program is fantastic - it works great with an email form that I have set up as a module in an article. I am impressed - thank you so much for making it user friendly and quick to use.
byBionicNellyWiz, November 9, 2013
Simple Email Form
Had a few issues with the cache but have now sorted it out with using a simple cache extension that I have come across. Really pleased with it now and recommend in using this great email form that allows file attachment which is what I was looking for. Also easy to read captchas that comes with it. I recommend in looking at the tips provided on the demo. Thank you so much for making this great application.
byBionicNellyWiz, June 17, 2013
Dizi images gallery
A great simple to use in adding images to your articles as it shows the images as an image gallery that shows the name of each of the images added (it uses the Title field). With the description - I have found it shows up the description field of the image loaded in a Featured setting, e.g. star clicked. The thumbnail size can be set up in the module manager. I recommend in using this as it can load up several images at a time - it works on my localhost - and I'm sure it will work when I put it online. Thank you for this fantastic image tool.
byBionicNellyWiz, June 14, 2013
Less Compiler
This is brilliant little plugin and I tested it and it does work - saves me loads of time.
byBionicNellyWiz, March 19, 2013
Administration Brand Remover
It's nice to have a different look in the backend of joomla with a click of a button and it's looks nice and what's good is that all the coding for changing the look is in the plugin area which makes it easier to change the look.
byBionicNellyWiz, January 21, 2013
Really cool tutorial and quick to do - it makes a huge difference to making it easier for a client to get to the tool quickly.

Many thanks :-)
byBionicNellyWiz, February 29, 2012
The documentation is excellent in that with the video tutorial - it really helped me install the wordbridge component without any problems for Joomla 2.5.

It's great to have this tool to connect both joomla and wordpress.

Thank you!
byBionicNellyWiz, June 2, 2011
This was pretty straightforward to install and configure although getting the buttons to look similiar to mine took some investigation but with a bit of googling and finding the right starting command that I was soon able to fix the button to look the same as the rest of the template style. Cool tool to use. I'm still working with it to get it looking good for when I go live! Cheers.
byBionicNellyWiz, December 13, 2010
Cache Cleaner
I like the frontend's handling of cache cleaner - it's really easy to set up and I really like the fact that you can choose whether to show a message about the cache being cleaned or not - really cool!
byBionicNellyWiz, November 11, 2010
Hi, I'm using JCE Editor and also for a client to make it easier and more user friendly to use. However, I found the Editor when used on the front-end was too wide when you've got a right side menu and a left side menu and make it stay in the middle. So eventually after a bit of googling and research I found the fix! It was inside form.php of the main core of Joomla to adjust the width of the editor, publishing and metadata sections, in making it smaller and it is now so much better. I was proud of myself! :-)
byBionicNellyWiz, November 9, 2010
I didn't give it 5 stars as it took hours to work out how to use it - no information or anything to install it - the website didn't have a very good structure - it put me off for being a member. I installed it eventually and got it working eventually - lucky I had patience! However I didn't like the way the control panel not laid out properly - some of it is overlapping. I would include a screenshot of it but there isn't a facility here to include that screenshot.