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byBjornVos, January 25, 2014
Althogh this may work for videos that are hosted remote like youtube, it doesn't work at all for your local videos. Loads of people are complaining about that on the forum and there is no solution given.
byBjornVos, October 25, 2011
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I just can't believe the good reviews here. Ninjaborard just will not install on Joomla 1.5.23. On the forum there are lots of people with the same problem and the only solution that is given, is to unpublish all your plugins (except for a few). Yeah right. Make an installer that just does the job!
Owner's reply

This is unfortunately a copy of another reply, as the problem and solution is the same:

The install problems almost all stem from Jomsocial which inserts its own javascript code into every page - including ajax calls. This is what causes the problem.

We can't stop or control this except by asking people to disable the Jomsocial plugins temporarily. Once installed, you can re-enable the plugins.

About 1% of the issues reported aren't Jomsocial, but it the same situation - bad code from an other extension interfering with the Ninjaboard installer.

Our code however is well written as it doesn't interfere with any other extensions. We are always willing to come out to your site and handle the process for you if you like. You only need to ask.

byBjornVos, July 25, 2011
Although it says that with this component everybody can make forms and tables without any knowledge of PHP, this is just not true. Sure, if you want to make a form with just 1 column, it probably will show your form as you want it. But if you want a form with 2, 3 or more columns, you're stuck. You will have to make a new template fot those and that will require PHP coding. Also, you will then have to make new CSS files for every form.
If you want to show the results of your forms, you are even in bigger trouble, because for some strange reason it will display your results in lists instead of tables, which are much more easy to edit.

So, if you want just a form with 1 column, go ahead and use this. But if you want more columns, I suggest a component like RSForm Pro where you can easily edit the tables for every single form.
Owner's reply

Hi Each group has a column setting which enables you to render the elements in a series of columns.

The recorded data is shown in a table as the default table template. There is a template which shows the results as a list, but its not the default one.

byBjornVos, June 28, 2011
RSform Pro
This is my first review and I should have done this years ago, because the people at RS Joomla deserve all the credits there are. The RS Form Pro component handles forms the way it should be done. Besides that, the people at RS Joomla listen to their subscribers, so every update there are more features. They deliver great support too. What can I say... worth more then 5 stars. Thumbs up!