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byBlackRainNinja, July 23, 2011
Kunena Discuss
It works and I like the idea but it took a while to setup correctly as it did not come with much info outside the tool tips inside the plug-in properties, Had to do some forum digging.

I mostly was looking for a comment system to work with HWDvideoShare & HWDphotoShare not so much articles and this is mostly for articles it seems to get it to work in HWD it needs code edits still and I was hoping to get away from doing many code edits in J16+.

I would advise new users to turn on the "Show Debug Information" option in the plug-ins settings when setting it up took me about 2 minutes to get it working once I turned that on.

Also be mindful of the "Topic Must Start Within" option if this isn't set long enough older articles won't be allowed to create forum post based off your chosen method "First Reply / First Visit"

I'll favorite it and check back later on, If you guys get it working with HWD Video & Photo Share without the need for code edits I'll install it again as I like the forum integration idea.

If your looking for article only commenting though it's perfectly fine with Kunena on J16.