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EasyCalcCheck PLUS
I am a Joomla beginner and have only just started working with extensions. Like many others, our site was plagued with spambot site registrations and we wanted to eliminate them. As I am not completely confident I know what I'm doing yet, I always look for the reviews that say, EASY. (no good when it comes to troubleshooting a problem)
I had this plug in installed, enabled and working within minutes although I have not looked at the additional features it offers yet. Very grateful to all you clever techies for sharing.
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No spam in Joomla! with ECC+ for sure.

Have fun with Joomla! and no spam!

byBlacky, March 30, 2012
I am a complete Joomla novice and this was the first Plugin extension I have installed to my site. It took me a couple of hours to read through the process and gain confidence to have a go. I watched a couple of videos to get the "How To" process down, read the conversations in the Forum on this topic and followed the instructions step by step in "Joomla For Dummies." The only thing I wasn't sure of was where to find the bit that goes between {youtube}the code for my you tube film{/youtube} in You Tube but logically it is just the number letter sequence in the specific You Tube Url for the film you want on your site. I did have to go into the plugin once installed, enable it and check the option to play the film automatically but apart from that, to my surprise it just worked. Haven't tried to use it for anything else yet but if you are a beginner you will be able to play You Tube films on your site. Install the plug in, create your article, pop in the code and there you have it. Thank you. Excellent Work!!!!!