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byBlasphemy, June 9, 2007
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MaQma Helpdesk
We originally bought the corporate version of this component for about 100 dollars. We later decided that we needed multiple workgroups, so we upgraded to the professional version that is around 500 dollars. We also purchased the maintenance and the logo removal options. For about the first 2 weeks support was AMAZING. We usually received an answer within the day, if not within an hour or two. However, after about 2 weeks, we didn't here any responses to our emails or tickets for over a month. We then received one reply finally after about a month and a half. The reply stated that someone else was now handling support, and that he would be looking over our ticket and answering within the next few days. That was on April 16th, and it is now June 9th, almost two months later, and we have not heard one word from anyone at componentslab. We love the component, but there are certain things that we need support to handle for us. We set this all up on a test site, and let them know that we would be switching over to a live site a few months later. They agreed to switch our license to the new site for us. We are now ready to launch our site, but cannot because the Support Center license is set to our test site. The other downside, is that if the license isn't correct, it breaks your entire site, not just when a user would actually use the support center component. If the Support Center component is not licensed for the domain, when you try to go to the homepage of the domain you will get errors on the page instead of the site's home page. The errors are stating that Support Center is not licensed for the domain. In the end, great component, but the once wonderful support that they offered has dwindled down to nothing. Hopefully they will start answer tickets and emails again, because if not, I will have to remove this component from the site and be out about 600 dollars:(