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byBleeder, December 23, 2013
Log Bad Passwords
I tried this plugin, and it works as described. The problem I have with it, is it also records bad passwords that are one character off. Even ones with a typo. For example, if my password was 'superman', but I typed it in as 'spuerman'. that would be recorded, and very simple for administrators to obtain actaul passwords. Just as explained in the description, "easily gain access to other accounts and services." I would be leary about any website using this plugin. Sadly, there is no way to know which ones are using it.
Owner's reply

1. Unethical is a matter of opinion. Would you rather I didn't release it, and you didn't know that such a thing was possible? I released it so everyone would know that it is possible.
2. There are valid, ethical uses for this extension. Intranet site support comes to mind.
3. I suggest in the description that this shouldn't be run on public sites.
4. You CAN determine if it's installed on a site (you cannot, however, know if it's enabled and running). Re-read the description.

Thank you for at least acknowledging that it works as described. I suppose the rest of your comment is just you lashing out at me for having opened your eyes. Would you rather have remained naive?

byBleeder, August 7, 2012
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
I use Joomla 1.7 (haven't updated to 2.5 yet) and this extension. I also use a template that isn't fully compatible with this extension. Even though they state that they do not help with issues caused by 3rd party plugins. They helped with resolving my issue.
byBleeder, May 17, 2008
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Ozio Gallery
I had high hopes for this component, as I like the look of the tilt viewer. I found the component to be very limiting. Limited to only one gallery, and it's back end administration fell short of what I have come to expect from gallery components. Also had trouble getting the tilt viewer to actually display the images.

Can't choose the width, or the size of the thumbnails. Only the height of the display.

If you use flikr religiously, then this component works great. Otherwise, I would hope that the final version has more functionality.