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byBloodyBakala, August 13, 2012
User Extended Fields for K2
This plugin does not work for Joomla 2.5
Language file is broken.
The last update was 2.0 (last update on Nov 29, 2011), when Joomla 2.5 did not release yet, LOL!
Moreover The Demo doest not work neither.
What a waste of time.. A pity, it would be more than nice, but it is just crap.
byBloodyBakala, August 11, 2012
Small Facebook Video
Impressive, It's perfect for me, It's the one I have been looking for.
JV Bing Translator
Finally a real API translator from Bing.

A lot of developers are having problems with the google Api (on fly method) because google charge us around 1 euro for page translated. They sucks!

Your first version of this module it's really good for joomla 1.7, although it does not work for joomla 1.5 and it does not show list of languages on backed.

It shows:;
flag Element not defined for type = multilist

Although the very first version of JV BING TRANSLATOR does not work for joomla 1.5, it does properly for joomla 1.7.

Thank you for being the first of choosing Bing API translator method.

Please update this module to the last version for joomla 1.5 ASAP.

Thank you so much ;)
byBloodyBakala, November 29, 2011
This plugin is excellent! I will donate you to continue the development for joomla 1.7 .

When are you going to release a new version for 1.7¿

A hug
Owner's reply

The 1.7/2.5 version is available for download. Cheers :-)

byBloodyBakala, May 10, 2011
JCK Editor

In the new release of Joomla FCK, there are problems with border of images.

It does not show them when you want. So you always have image without border.


Thank you

Owner's reply

Thank you for the five stars, regarding your question you just need to add a style to the image or update your template.css file to put the border around image the automatically.

byBloodyBakala, May 9, 2011

Working with JCE have we noticed that it's impossible to use it on FrontEnd.

Maybe because our template uses T3 Framework?

New version of JCK works for us in frontend.

What is the problem with JCE?

Also, when you have lots of folders is really difficult to look at all directories, JCE just have 100 maximum. Would be great to increase or have a jolder insider JCE directories.

Thank you

Owner's reply

The issue with JCE 2.0 the T3 Framework is a result of a conflict between the JCE 2.0 javascript / css compressor and the T3 javascript /css compressor.

I have contacted Joomlart with a suggestion for a solution to this. Disabling the JCE 2.0 Compression options in the JCE Configuration will allow the two to work together until (if/when) Joomlart adopts the suggested fix.

Great Software but the support it´s the worst that I have ever received.
Owner's reply

Getting only 5 stars reviews was getting boring, so thank you for your feed-back. :)

For everybody else, the support is exactly the same as described by the rest of reviewers. Please test it for yourself on my forum or by email.