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byBluebeep, January 22, 2013
I used Xmap and it was only able to find 28 links on my site to put in the sitemap. It did it through the menu. I then tried some other fw-sitemap thing and it didn't even have an admin interface. Go figure.

JCrawler was perfect. It found 52 links, and made a nice XML file for me too! Simple and perfect. It makes me wonder how developers (others) can get simple use value so wrong.

Well done JCrawler!
byBluebeep, November 10, 2010
First, this is an awesome comment component. It's was easy to setup and has a quick way to get up in the article. Within a fee minutes of installing I had 6 comments waiting for approval (goes to show how long overdue this was for our site).

After approving I found that the time it displayed for each comment was 5 hours ahead of the actual submitted time and doing a bit of research I found out that this has been an unresolved issue since 2009!

So rather than having to change my users experience, or hacking any files, or dancing a chant around a fire, I fired up phpMyAdmin, went into the table and changed the times manually.

So this is going to be a daily chore for me maintaining this component.

If your server time and Joomla time differ, be ready for this. I read somewhere that this was fixed in an earlier version bit obviously it hasn't.

To the developer:
If the webmaster sets a time in Joomla, they explicitly want to use the time they set. It's part of the Joomla installation process. Please use just that time.
Owner's reply

The JComments uses Joomla API's functions to work with date and time. So if you've set correct time in Joomla you'll have correct time in comments.

In older versions (prior JComments 2.1) JComments really had problems with time zone. But this issue has been fixed about year ago and all users who reported about this issue said to me that all fine now. If you've any problems with displaying of time in comments you need to create new topic on our support forum.

byBluebeep, June 10, 2010
I have a very demanding client and I required a forms extension that was flexible to meet their needs.

I've had excellent support for my specific forms and the product is flexible to do pretty much what you could want out of a form.

Absolutely worth it!