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Bob Pettine

byBob Pettine, June 10, 2014
Form Maker
I don't post all that many reviews, but in this case, I had to. Form maker is absolutely awesome! Very intuitive, and easy to configure! I actually purchased the professional version, & recommend that to ANYONE looking for a simple, very effective form builder for their site! the cost for the professional version is very reasonable and well worth it, in my opinion.

I tried another "5 Star" rated form builder, and although the user interface was similar to that of FORM MAKER, I ran into several issues with it, that required a TON of debugging time, I just don't have. I'm not sure HOW this other form builder is somehow more "Popular", it definitely Isn't, in MY book! So I uninstalled it, and (very thankfully), found FORM MAKER PRO!

It works like a champ so far, I plan on using it on as many of my sites as I can! Bravo to the developers on this one!
byBob Pettine, January 26, 2014
Freestyle FAQs
I've used this extension on two of my sites so far. One was a J1.7 site, and most recently a brand new J3 site. Works great on both, very easy to configure!

This should be a standard part of future versions of Joomla! Thanks to the developers!
byBob Pettine, January 26, 2014
Advanced Portfolio by ExtStore
I've been looking for something like this to display my projects for my freelance web design business for a LONG time! Great extension so far!

Waiting to hear back from support about one small issue, but otherwise, this is pretty much EXACTLY what I needed. Using it on a new J3 site, and it is working awesome!

This should be a standard component for a future version of Joomla, as many of us do similar stuff with regard to portfolio/showcase sites!

Thanks so much to the development team who put this one together! It's a winner!
byBob Pettine, May 3, 2012
Using JEvents calendar for a football site I'm building. It's great EXCEPT, in order to re-size the mini-calendar portion, you have to dig around in the CSS file, (unless I'm missing something, in which case, feel free to correct me here), This is kinda tough for some people.

Suggestion would be to add an option to automatically re-size the mini calendar without actually having to modify the CSS file. Otherwise, it's a great addition to my site. Thanks to the developersdevelopers
Owner's reply

Auto resizing the mini-calendar is not that easy given the huge variety of style settings from template providers. But it would be possible to set a config option where you enter the size you want in the module parameters.

We'll look into it - thanks for the suggestion.

byBob Pettine, April 23, 2012
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This plugin is great and is exactly what I needed. Very easy to install & configure. Very useful, thanks so much to the developer!!