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Bob Sprague

byBob Sprague, July 7, 2014
SP Transfer
I want to thank Panayiotis for the support and patience he has provided over a long migration using SPTransfer. I am not a technical person, and the learning curve was a bit long for me, but I was able to use it successfully, moving from 2.5 to 3.3
byBob Sprague, June 21, 2013
Category Block
I'm very happy with Category Block and even happier with the support I recently received after issues with my host led to a site crash that corrupted the component. Ivan was very responsive in fixing the matter.

Bob Sprague
byBob Sprague, October 11, 2012
I was having trouble with the free component after it initially, and Mark of support patiently guided me to the solutions. All were correcting issues I had introduced. Because the feedback, I am considering the paid components.

Bob Sprague
byBob Sprague, September 26, 2012
Community Polls
As a user of Community Polls for at least two years -- first on 1.5, now on 2.5 -- I want to say how happy I am with the component. In addition, when I have trouble with something, I find Maverick provides great support. I thank him for his patience.
Bob Sprague
byBob Sprague, August 7, 2012
YJ Module Engine
I am testing a 2.5 site and was using code module with which had had success in 1.5, but it was funky on 2.5. I found the newly issued YJ, and it does all I want -- and more.

Bob Sprague
byBob Sprague, March 20, 2012
Universal AJAX Live Search
I have happily used Universal Life Search since last summer on my local-news site. Recently, the search function stopped working. Support responded with the latest version. The problem turned out to be a conflicting plugin, but I have fixed the issue, and the new version of Universal works just fine.

Bob Sprague
byBob Sprague, July 17, 2010
I want to send a shout-out to Francis of JNews support. I was having a number of issues, and he patiently helped me figure them out. Good work, and I like JNews.
Bob Sprague