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byBoe4Real, April 24, 2012
QuickSell File Seller
First, I have been looking for a component that will allow me to post a payment option with my articles with the integration other components. I have tried a lot of components that promise easy and fast set-up, but nothing comes close to this BABY here! It was exactly what I was looking for plug more. This does exactly what the owner describe here on this page.

Second, the customer support is the best I have ever encounter! The owner is willing to communicate with you using different communication devices. Name it, you will get in contact with him by E-mail, skype, telephone, forum, and more. Some of the expensive components don't even offer the level of communication support the owner has on the website. The owner was eager to help me get the component working the way I wanted it to work! I feel very secure knowing that level of support is available for this component.

This is a very special component! I usually don't write reviews about components, but this component deserve it. The level of service the owner provides exceed the price of the component! I am a happy customer...Thank you very much!