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byBoldair, June 30, 2014
While I agree that the plugin can protect basically many things, it's defeated in about 2 seconds by firebug (just open firebug and remove some selected tags from the rendered code, to reenable right click or selection) and Firefox Tools -> Page information to save the images.

It _will_ provide protection against unsavvy users that would just right click, it _will not_ protect anything against someone really decided to copy your content

Besides having the source encrypted with javascript does have a major drawback for SEO, since the spiders from the search engines will not interpret the javascript code, and will thus limit themselves to the meta tags in the headers.

All in all not a bad extension to have if you want to protect some pages on a site from the most basic copying techniques, but otherwise protect the access to the content instead.
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for your review. We would like to point out that the product does not encrypt the source with javascript. It does not have such functionality. Feel free to contact us if you would like more information about the product.