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byBoradan, April 2, 2014
In joomla 3.2.2, it is still carries over any css styling from your templates #content area which cannot be over-ridden
byBoradan, July 20, 2013
I was very interested in this extension after reading the reviews. Unfortunately that interest disappeared after visiting their site. No Forum access unless you have purchased the extension - as far as visitors go, there is NO forum at all. I only think there is a forum due to it being mentioned in a previous review.
No documentation on the site - I cant even tell if this is going to be suitable for me as I cannot read any documentation to get an idea of its capabilities - I only wish to sell subdomains of my own domain, and cannot tell if it is within this extensions mandate.
I sent a question on the 'contact us' and have not received and answer in 4 days. Not a great way to entice new customers.

I would recommend the ability for people who havent purchased the software to at least be able to VIEW the support forums just in case any questions they have are already answered there.