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byBrandonJ, December 8, 2011
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JEXTN Groupbuy
Purchased the JEgroupbuy extension - installation was simple. Usage was intuitive enough, as i never referred to any documentation. I was unable to create a category and after asking for a refund i was advised that STATE/CITY is actually the Category tab - so if you are battling to create a category - you must do it under STATE/CITY tab. That little issued cost me more than a few hours - as the developers obviously haven't changed the underlying code from a city groupon base in which they use the category in place of the city - you have to physically start coding the project if you want the right label on the tag. Then a few more emails to try and add my local currency to the project - after a few hours I eventually figured out that the numerical currency code had to be changed in the the currency.php file under admin/models/fields - by the time the developer actually got this information to me I had already basically figured it out myself - a good few hours of searching through the code and analysing the database writing process to track down the source of the currency symbol. Now we are on to the paypal function - the test sandbox account shows the payment was successful and is reflected in the users paypal account - however the return to the wesbite says in rather poorly crafted english that the payment was unsuccessful and the deal does not update - I have emailed the developer again , and will wait for the response, in the meanwhile - I will potter about and see what I can determine. The developer is eager to help out with temporary access to my website - given how locked down my site is am not even going to consider giving anybody access to my site - even if it's temporary. I think I can get this to work for a local site in South Africa, But i can see that it will take a substantial amount of effort to do so. I am of the opinion that if you live in USD, Eur, GBP, INR which are the stock currencies offered, you could get it working with minimal effort , and if you are prepared to tolerate categories labelled as State/City and go through at least the english version - correcting quite a few poorly crafted english statements, as well as changing some labels deep in the code you could do so and have it look professional - i will need to comment on the paypal option later. For those outside of the stock currency areas, be prepared to work somewhat on the code and language if you want this to work.
Owner's reply

For your reference the below link is the documentation of our extension: found in the page

The text "STATE/CITY", displayed at the administrator can be changed using the language file as per the user needs. And also the payment status text is also changeable by using the language file.

For the currency display option, we have currrently listed some of the oftenly used currencies that are supported by the Paypal payment method. So in our future upgrade version we are going to list all the currencies that are supported by the Paypal Payment.

And please use the ticket support for posting additional features and reporting bugs.