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byBrianHawley, November 2, 2012
Great idea, but could not get it to work on 2.5.

Seems indistinguishable from publishing empty HTML as far as I can see. Instead of no article, I just get a blank article. (Yes, I did suppress breadcrumbs for that page.)
byBrianHawley, October 29, 2012
Yireo SSL Redirection
Literally a few clicks and my new SSL certificate is up and running on selected pages.

Wish everything was this easy.
byBrianHawley, June 23, 2011
SP Weather
Works very well and does what it says.

A couple of notes:

It relies on the undocumented Google weather XML feed. The format of that may change. If so, you'll need to change the code or hope the author updates it. But that's true of 99% of Joomla weather extensions. Not a big deal.

It may be difficult to find the right name to enter as "location" if you live anywhere obscure. That's not a problem with the extension, it's just that Google does not make them obvious. TIP: Try them out quickly using this link,mycountry

Try a variety of spellings and alternatives. Use % to indicate a space. You may need to enter a province or state instead of a country.If your town's weather shows up on your Google desk top but you can't get it in this extension, don't despair. It will work. You just didn't find the right name yet. Stick with it.
byBrianHawley, June 21, 2011
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GK Weather
Works well for "famous" cities like London, Paris etc.

But for anywhere else it's very hard to know what to put for Location and you'll get "An error occured - you set wrong location or data for your location are unavailable".

Supposedly it uses both (or either?) Google and Yahoo weather. But it's not immediately apparent if this can be configured or how, or which one it is using at any given time.

The location I want (Yanbu, Saudi Arabia) shows up in both Google and Yahoo weather, but I've tried all possible combinations of names and spellings and can't get anything but the error message. Perhaps with clearer documentation it is simple.

Click on the "need you help" link and you'll be invited to pay between 40 and 199 Euros.

I'm not too impressed.
byBrianHawley, July 18, 2009
Ignite Gallery
It's nice to use non-commercial stuff, but sometimes you just have to pay a small amount to get what you need.

Faultless and easy. Nothing non-commercial even comes close to this for power and quality.
byBrianHawley, July 15, 2009
Looks as if it should do everything I need and everybody else seems to be marking it highly (always assuming they are not sock-puppets), but gave up in frustration as I could not get it to work.

The main problem is there seems to be no documentation at all and no replies in their forum (except from other users).

Might be good for you if you have the time and patience to figure it out. I don't. There are fully-documented alternatives out there.
byBrianHawley, July 10, 2009
Best there is by far. Great product. Great tutorials. Great support.

At only $7 dollars it's almost free, considering what you get. At full commercial rate I'd say it's easily worth twenty times that.

It's a shame those who search only for non-commercial extensions may never find this. I wouldn't have found it without a friend's recommendation.

Suggest the Joomla extensions directory needs a third category - "Under $ 10" perhaps?