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byBrico, September 22, 2013
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Wonderful plugin, lots of configurations possible and you can ad your own CSS to accommodate the plugin to the style of your template. Depending on the template structure, you may have to ad a z-index value to the CSS to make it work as expected. Thanks.
Owner's reply

Version 1.25 provides a facility for automatic z-index discovery! This should ease the pain of chasing down the z-index for elements on your pages.

byBrico, June 7, 2013
User Article Manager
As a longtime user of FUAL, I switched of course to UAM when Joomla 2.5 arrived. This extension does what it promises, but there is one thing I miss (because that option is left out in Joomla 2.5, while it was available in 1.5) and that is the ordering and reordering option of an article from within the article editing page. Right now, one can only do that from the backend. I'm not a developper, so I don't know if that would a possible thing to achieve or not. Anyway, Thanks for this great extension.
byBrico, November 22, 2012
HTTPBL - Project Honeypot Blocklists
Installed the plugin on a fresh site a week ago. I took a peek at the log file today and noticed 100+ attempts, all blocked.

At first however I had my doubts that the extension was really doing something because one bot succeeded in even bypassing the extra captcha protection in all the forms. But the IP in question was not listed by projecthoneypot (nor stopforumspam), so the plugin simply could not function.

Thanks a lot for this extension, I recommend it.
byBrico, February 26, 2012
Configured several VM shops succesfully in the past, but sorry to say that since 2.0 came out and up to last 2.0.2 version (been testing all the versions "in between"), this product is NOT finished and full of bugs. It's clear that I cannot use this cart for customers.